What do i do?.......

Well, im not sure how to do tis, but i’ll just say it. My balls hurt. Do any of you wear a cup while riding? Or is there something i can do?

dont sit on them put them on the seat not under you

ive never met anyone who wears a cup but ive heard that bicycle shorts work(the tight ones) or you can do as i and alot of others do…just lift and move em outta the way. your in the wrong sport if you expect to never hurt em.

er, yeah… your technique must be shoddy.
the only time your gonna hurt your nuts is if you mess up on a landing or some trick, lol, or if you land with your legs on either side of a grind rail :stuck_out_tongue:

someone once had a nice drawing of how to do it, but im not sure where it is, but yeah, just pull em up and out of the way

I should think a cup would hurt worse from chaffing, what you need is: more time in the saddle to perfect riding technique, bike shorts (try the ones with thick gel padding), a suspensory, lubricate to cut down chaffing.

There are many other threads on this, for more information do a search.

just make sure those guys are up and ur not sitting on them! :o

I’ve found that the most i’ve damaged the twins was when i was learning to bunny hop up and off stuff. If you know what an “Ayers Rock” is then do it, i’ve found it’s the best technique for protecting my future as a father.

It is at unicycletips.com

Wow, that was fairly…um… graphic. Some say Photoshop is the best image editing tool around, i disagree. Microsoft Windows Paint is quite obviously superior.

“insert smilly representing sniggering out of control”


Tell what your thread is about in the subject line, that’s “what you do.” You don’t have to be specific of course, for a topic like this you could say something like “Need help with saddle discomfort.” More people will read it then.

  • You didn’t describe your saddle. It could be part of the problem.
  • You didn’t describe what you’re wearing. That could be part of the problem.
  • This is the hard part: some guys just have big “stuff” down there, and I don’t know if there’s an easy way to overcome that. A friend of mine always had limited saddle time, even with bike shorts and a state-of-the-art seat. He just had big cojones.

If your seat has metal bumpers, it’s definitely likely to be contributing to your problem. If you aren’t wearing cycling shorts, you can make a big difference by trying some.

sex change? :wink:

Try any of the following:

  1. Wear padded shorts.
  2. Work on smoothing out your pedal stroke.
  3. Get a new seat.
  4. Modify your seat or seat angle.
  5. Wear different pants–underwear and/or outerwear.
  6. Stick to unicycling styles that don’t involve remaining seated for a long time.

no, I have normal sized you know whats. I guess i believe its the saddle now, after reading what you guys have said. I still ride with the beginners saddle that came with the unicycle - any saddle reccomendations? If you could, post some links to good saddles. Also, i only wear briefs, and boxer briefs, but for riding should i wear compression shorts or biking shorts? Do you guys you those?

Saddles at Unicycle Dot Com

The Kris Holm saddles are probably the most commonly accepted “most comfortable” saddle, at least here in North America. YMMV.

I wear padded bike shorts whenever I muni on a KH saddle, but I don’t bother when I freestyle on a Torker LX saddle because I never sit still for very long.

Hey guy dont get biker shorts… unless you wear something over them…