What did your wife, your kids and the neighbours say when you returned home from RTL?


go back to canada and stop making usless threads :slight_smile:

neat post count, by the way

My new girlfriend said “Thank god you’re back I missed you soooooooo much!” and “Poor baby!” after seeing my foot was pretty swollen and hearing the my achilles tendions were super sore. She then proceeded to buy me these $60 pills to help heal my foot as she wants me to be on my game for NAUCC (which I was) and Unicon (which I will be).

Then after getting home we she didn’t say much if you know what I mean… :wink:

And the old one told you you deserved it for stupidly deciding to go 500 miles on one wheel? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m completely confused here, please explain :thinking:

My wife said something to the effect of, “Awesome, you kicked team Totally Doable’s ass!” :smiley:

Level 11 :wink:

you’re only 15 go back to the lego’s… :wink:

(wait there’s nothing wrong with lego. I love lego!)

My girlfriend was with me in Nova Scotia. She was our support driver. Team Texacali. When I got home my mom picked us up at the airport and while crying, hugged and kissed us and told us she was proud of us. Everyone else was overwhelmingly happy and proud of us. Since I got back I can’t seem to stop riding 36 for more than a day or so. I love this feeling.


p.s. Kevin. We totally kicked Doable’s ass. Hahahaha.

My wife, kids, and neighbors said “Alright! You kicked team Totally Doable’s ass!”

Not really. They all congratulated us, then my wife reminded me I owe her BIG-TIME for being away for 10 days straight, AND missing our 16th wedding anniversary.

When my parents met me at the airport all they did was point and laugh at me saying “ha ha, Totally Doable kicked your ass!”



  1. Eat! You look too skinny. (I prefer to call it “fit”.)

  2. Okay, now when are you going to shave off that goatee? (after the 10k at NAUCC, in which I finished 3rd overall, or 1st in the “adults” age group)

We totally got our asses kicked by Totally Doable. :o But we managed to keep UFO at bay, and just barely stayed ahead of the unstoppable Beau and Nathan!

FWIW I thought the goatee looked bada$$. Although, I made you act that way, too.

Thanks, but it also made me look olda$$. The “Centurion look” was intended to enhance my age for what turned out to be the second-oldest RTL team. David Stone never got on board, with no hair on his head at all.

Hmm, maybe that was his key to being our fastest rider? :slight_smile:

You can do anything when your 15 so long as your 6ft; drink, smoke, drive, shage and even fly a plane. All you need are one of these: