What are the best games to play on unis? (tag, hocket, etc)

Looking more for games (Tag, sharks & Minnows, flag pulling ) than sports like basketball or hockey…
what are some more ideas?

preferably stuff that doesn’t require extra equipment like jousting staffs and paintball guns and is a bit more interesting than no-holds-barred last man riding.

We played ‘stuck in the mud’ at SWUM, that was great.


ive never played it but the Bedford flaming hockey T-shirt im wearing gets my vote as best game.

Try the following threads for details on some other games

Includes British bulldog, stuck in the mud, musical unis and trees.

At SWUM we often play musical unis, stuck in the mud and gladiators. Also slow races, team relay races (useing one uni per team). One that is OK played with care is uni monsters, in which a team try to get an many people on as few wheels as possible.



The most fun game we had at the Berkeley Juggling and Unicycle festival was sort of like tag, but different; we took a length of caution tape and stuck it to the back of each person’s seat. The object was to grab other people’s flags while keeping yours from getting grabbed. If you come off the unicycle, you lose.

Sumo. When played properly, there’s much more to it than no-holds-barred last-man-riding or gladiators. It’s great for riders of all levels (as long as they’re at similar levels to each other), great to build up basic riding skills, and pretty safe when played with the safety rules I use. All you need is a boundary marked on the ground, which can often be done with pre-existing lines, seams or cracks.

that would be so awesome! I like to fight and push my friends when i’m riding because they get really weirded out by a unicylcer attacking them, thats not really a game though

HORSE is fun

Frisbee Golf Kart

Some flying disc coarses have fun terain.
After you tee off, use a uni to get to your next shot.

trying to kill yourself


how about Jenga?

Oooh! I know! Fencing!

Re: What are the best games to play on unis? (tag, hocket, etc)

On Mon, 24 Oct 2005 21:23:46 -0500, Spudman wrote:

>Oooh! I know! Fencing!

That’s one for Mikefule!

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