What are benefits of riding a unicycle?

I want to know What are benefits of riding a unicycle?

Fun, fun and well trained inner supporting muscles of your spine (vertebral column) :slight_smile:

Amazing fun, a good workout in a short time, a surprisingly large collection of padded underwear and a great sense of achievement!

A great workout, but also a great mental exercise that puts you here and now.

I agree with the two previous posts. It is a great workout, a lot of fun and it certainly helps to exercise and improve the supporting muscles of your core.

It is also a great conversation opener. When I am on a unicycle more people say hello and so many people ask questions and are all very happy to have a chat. - Potentially positive for your social life

Its another thing that gets me out and enjoying parks, trails and open spaces around me too. Exercise, sunshine, and good fun: a nice way to release those “happy hormones”. - Great for mental health.

Agree in all of the above mentioned - but unicycling also gives you the possibility of going to international events at places in the world where you might not come elsewhere - and meet lots of nice :slight_smile: and skilled :wink: unicyclists from other countries!

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Adrenalin rush,
Similar to what I used to get when I was young enough to windsurf - but dryer and warmer.

I used to have problems with weak knees. Gone.
Weak lower back. Gone.

According to my doctor (and the heart specialist he sent me to) I have the resting heart rate of an elite athlete (42 bpm) despite being a 57 year old office worker.

Unicycling is a meditation.

It promotes balance which is increasingly important as we age.

Yes, I sometimes refer to my unicycle as my one-wheeled dog, mostly because I take it to the park at the same times as people walk their dogs, but it does also help start conversations, a bit like an actual dog. The good thing is that no one who gets bitten by it will call the dog catcher. So far it has only bitten me, though, and that was only because I did so many jump mounts that my luck ran out and I missed a pedal, so it buried its fangs in my shin…

a unicycle fits even in the smallest of cars. My mountain-bike doesn’t.

Unicycles are allowed in places where bikes aren’t.

Unicycling feels like flying. Riding a bike doesn’t.

Quote from Setonix “Unicycling feels like flying. Riding a bike doesn’t”.

I like that analogy, brilliant…!! It is quite right too… plus, unicycling sparks off all sorts of positives.

Dunno what types of bikes you’ve been riding, but the first time you hop on a truly fast road bike, it’s a rocketship compared to a unicycle. Just effortless speed and incredibly smooth.

Unicycling for me is meditation. Sure it has health benefits, but any cardio can do that. Different sports make you stronger in different areas and muscle groups. Core is a big one for unicycling. Keeping my brain busy eases my ADHD style brain, and if I don’t ride for a while I don’t feel as well. I think there are other ways to scratch that itch too. In college I was juggling 3-5 hours per day, and it made me more productive when I was working. Unicycling does the same thing.

If you’re a people person, unicycling helps you break the ice with tons of people wherever you go.

Great transportation for a city where you don’t need to travel more than 5 miles or so.

Low cost for high end equipment, simply because you need less of it.

Mountain unicycling has helped me develop more skills in other areas. It’s really cool when you can turn your brain off, and go for a mountain unicycle singletrack ride in the dark, in the fall, and just float over/not care about the rocks and roots you can’t see under the leaves. It’s quiet, flow-y, and unique.

The people who unicycle are amazing, the benefits of having friends all over the world (in Urban disciplines anyway) is great.

Going to Unicons and staying with friends in different cities on your way.
Example A: https://vimeo.com/190210138
Example B: https://vimeo.com/48152895

Not worrying about getting chain grease on the back seat of your car.

Fits in any car with no disassembly.

Can get out and practice with no set up unlike many other sports.


Any advice on riding with COPD…always out of breath. ??

It helps you learn how to look ridiculous. It’s a gateway to clowning.

So true! Be advised parents. It can happen to your kids, too. At first, I thought I was cool. Riding off-road with a muni, riding the 36er for distance, and finally doing tricks on my trails unicycle. Now, I’ve totally gotten into juggling and started juggling on the unicycle. It’s totally hopeless now… :slight_smile:

I’ve thought about this more than once, especially when riding with a road tire on a flat ground. So much comfort, so silent.

Besides this, it actually lets you fly for real sometimes, I had this experience yesterday. It was a bit painful.

Threads like this make me want to vomit.

Learning to ride one teaches anyone an invaluable lesson: You can do the impossible. This goes beyond many of the other benefits, though we sometimes forget about it.

My friends and I once fit six unicycles, three people and our luggage into a VW bug for a 1000km trip to New York (from Michigan)!

Though to be fair, bikes can fly better than unicycles. :slight_smile:

Watch out for giraffes and Schlumph hubs!

If you’ve learned to ride a unicycle, learning to juggle after that is a piece of cake.

I’m trying to figure out how that’s a benefit… :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi friend,
Generally speaking, (quoted from somewhere)
" Physical activity is a very important part of therapy in the treatment of breathlessness and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease). When practiced for two hours per week, it has an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effect that results in a significant improvement in respiratory symptoms".
(more data here:https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25705944

Unicycling can be physical challenging and can leave you breathless, as it can be walking or climbing stairs (depending on degree of yout COPD).
If you’re learning, the effort is obviously higer, but when you’re more experienced it’s clearly easier.
My advice (I’m a chest surgeon) is to go on practicing (well, I don’t know you and your medical data…). Take your time, when you’re breathless take a rest, stop, breathe. When you’re ready, go!
Unicycling, being an aerobic activity (exlcuding trials, some muni or other activity with fast movements), is absolutely a good thing for you, because it strenghten your core muscles, your respiratory muscles, your breathing cycle and so on.
Maybe a heart monitoring (a normal sport watch ca do that) during sport is good for you, so you can see how “tired” (when your frequency is too high) is your heart when you’re breathless, to avoid overtraining and potential damages.