WHAT 36" to buy ?

Looking for some advice on what brand 36" you guys recommend,going to be used for commuting,cruising around at the beach,any ifo would be greatly appreciated…

here’s a nice list of them all described. They’re all pretty good.

what 36" to buy

Thanks for the info,I guess i’m a little overwelmed,leaning toward a kris holm,not sure yet,just watching different videos,and reading some reviews,appreciate the help…

For regular street cruising, it’s hard to go wrong with any of them. Are you already a uni rider, or are you just now learning?
I’m still relatively new to riding. I bought a second-hand Coker from a guy here on the forum when he upgraded to a KH. For me the Coker is great! (I have since put a flattened KH saddle on it, thanks to Nurse Ben, who did a batch of them, and a pair of straight cranks, which I found I prefer over the offset stock cranks.) So you might want to consider buying a used one to help figure out what features you like. Look at the “Post your 36r here” thread, and see if one catches your eye. I’ll probably sell mine eventually to upgrade to a KH or similar. In the meantime, I just enjoy the ride.
Good Luck!

I’m 47 havn’t owned a unicycle in 30 years,I can still ride one,rode a guys 24" he let me try about a year ago,would love to buy a used one,been looking,i’m in california,haven’t had any luck finding a used one,what do you think of the nimbus nightrider pro?,pretty close to just buying it 650.00,it’s only money right…thanks for the reply

Where’d you see a nightrider for sale in the USA? They are no longer made.

what 36" to buy

I take it back,went through all the way to paypal,not available,so your right,what 36er would you buy and why?

In addition to aarons’ helpful link to saskatchewanian’s recent, well researched and effort intensive 2013 36 market analysis linked to in the very first response to your ‘new’ topic…heshman. did you scroll down a few pages (or search) to see the wonderful threads beyond the first page of the ‘general’ forum on everything 36?

For instance, there was a captivating and evolving 36 conversation that ran the last six months over more than five pages and climaxing in one of the more experienced contributors ultimately buying a real 36 inch unicycle, yes, really, truly, honestly, tactiley. This was only a couple of pages off the front listing…

The suspense crescendoed, opinions were shared, pros and cons weighed, and finally a purchase was made. It was so satisfying… I shared my decision and reasons for a KH. Another brand was purchased based upon reasonable rationale.

Sadly you missed this : (

Without further consideration- since you so desperately want direction, based upon your second post in this thread- I suggest you buy a 36 from the first sporting goods store that has one- please let us know how this goes.

There should be no buyer’s remorse… as long as you continue to research as thoroughly as you have to this point for (what to the rest of us) is a major step financially and riding wise.

pax- being a dick

Really though- please do some reading and research and ask informed and intelligent questions to help in your decision making process. You’ll get lots of friendly advice (my previous attempt at humour not withstanding).

the other pax apologizing for dick pax

If you are set on a nightrider, UDC UK (Unicycle Dot Com United Kindom) still has them in stock if you’re set on one, but you would have to pay quite a bit of shipping and they are about $700

I went for the Oracle 36 and love it. I have several KH unis of different sizes, and an old Sem, so this is my first Nimbus.

I am very happy with my purchase. It cost me, but you get what you pay for. If you are going to be commuting on it regularly, spend the money and get a KH or Oracle. I have never ridden a KH36, but have ridden a Titan and find the Oracle much more responsive, lighter, and frankly easier to control.

For me, I really wanted an inboard-mounted rotor. With all my upgrades on the Oracle, I spent $25 more than I would have with the KH36, but got inboard rotor. I wanted that because I like to be able to use any ISIS crank and not be forced to use expensive Spirit cranks (which I actually got with my uni). The fact is that I often change my mind about cranks, and like to experiment and I get them used off the trading post. Used moments go for ~$50. I have yet to see used Spirits. You could get cheaper used cranks that are not KH. Probably KH cranks are not necessary on a 36 unless you are doing muni, but I like the dual hole option.

So, as much as I love KH unis, I think the guys at unicycle.com hit it out of the park with the Oracles.

And welcome back to unicycling. I also had a 30 year hiatus and am glad to be back. It’s great exercise physically and mentally and much more fun now-a-days with all the “impure” equipment, like brakes and comfortable saddles!

what 36" to buy

Thanks to everyone for thier opinions,and wisdom,still tying to decide on what to buy…

i you have money oracle or kh. if entry level udc titan with kh street saddle upgrade. the nightrider tire is the current best (compared to coker/quax) and you’ll have a quality seat with it. that’s likely my 36er when i get ready to upgrade my starter uni. i might consider a 29er instead depending…

i wish i’d learned 30 years ago like a lot of you. It hurts more at 40.

the nightrider tire is the current best (compared to coker/quax) and you’ll have a quality seat with it. /QUOTE]

Best for what? The waltworks tire is very good for xc and light muni whereas the TA is an excellent and extremely durable road tire. Not that the nightrider’s bad but how do you think it’s best


a stock coker 36er has the ribbed, button and coker treads. the stock quax looks to have the coker ribbed tread. from what i understand the nightrider tire has better tread wear than those options. please correct me if i’m wrong.

I was referring to the tire that comes with qu-ax unis and I’ve ridden one for almost four years and thousands of kilometers and it still has plenty of tread. I haven’t ridden the nightrider that much but i didn’t like it’s handling as much. It might be that i’m just too used to riding the one i have right now and hence didn’t like the other one that much… But when it comes to tread wear i’ve understood that the TA tire lasts for longest. It’s really heavy though, which makes it less responsive etc.

I’m pretty sure that this really just comes down to personal preferences, so there isn’t much point in jacking this thread and arguing about it.

You want a custom Corbin V-36, with a schlumpf hub.

That’s really the best unicycle you can get.


Best bang for the buck is an Oracle 36":

You get a high quality aluminum frame, disc brake, the best rim available, long lasting Nightrider tire. The seat is okay, the post is simple fixed alloy, and the pedals are basic.

UDC is now carrying the “Todd” tire, so they might be willing to upgrade the tire which would give you a nicer ride and less weight.

Changing to a Foss tube would also be lighter weight, but cost a little more.

Seat preference is personal, I like KH seats, esp the Freeride (nice and cushy), again this is a little more $$.

Fixed post is fine if you can get the angle you need, otherwise a KH adjustable is better though more $$.

Pedals are pedals, if they work then fine then use them.

Disc brakes are nice because they help you slow down that “very big wheel”. A brake lets you run a shorter crank and still have the stopping power to negotiate hills and traffic.

You can always spend more or less, it just depends on what you can afford and if you plan to stick with it. A higher quality uni like the KH or Oracle wil have better resale, but generally speaking it seems like 36ers have decent resale.

I love my “old style” Oracle (Nightrider) 36er, overall it is probably my favorite uni.

Yes, and how much are these pretty unicycles? Have you gone into production?


Looks pretty sweet, I’ll offer you 60 bucks + shipping for one.