Western Central Virginia Muni Ride Invitation

I’ve got property adjoining the George Washington National Forest. I’d like to make an open invitation for a Muni ride/weekend. I have a house there that can accomodate quite a crowd for anyone who might want to make a weekend out of it. There is miles of trails starting from the house. There is a 8-12 (not sure) mile ride over the top of the mountain that is quite challenging. About a 1 1/2 mile hike up and the rest mostly down, a great ride, varying from rocky and technical to moderate. There is also a trail that follows the ridge of a couple mountains that I haven’t explored too far, but I think would be more XC. This is a very scenic area and would be worth the trip. Depending on turnout, food/barbeque could be planned.
The property is a little off the beaten path. About 30 minutes from James Madison University (Harrisonburg). 1 hour west of Charlottesville.

Some proposed dates:
Those who have an interest give me some feedback on what might be the best weekend/day.

Here is the location:

I can attest to the fact that the trails next to pdc’s house are really awesome. There’s stuff there for riders of all levels. There are several rocky DH sections that are great for advanced riders but can be walked by novice riders. Most of the trail can be ridden by all. Last time I went there was a natural spring about mid way where we re-hydrated. It tasted like it was right out of the bottle! There is also a cool place to swim in the river near the end.

Best of those weekends is May 20, the day after graduation and 2 days before my birthday. Any of the weekends in June would be fine too.

Sometime in June would work better for me. I am not sure when would be the best out of those dates though.

OOOOH, Goody, another MUni weekend! A WCVMRI And it’s only :roll_eyes: a 7 hour 22 minute drive!

I vote for June 17.

I’m planning on central CT to Merritt Pkwy to Chimppan :wink: Zee Bridge to I-78 to I-81, anybody want a ride? Route subject to change to pickup rider. I’ve got a minivan, but I listen to classical & weird (Carmen Miranda’s Ghost Is Haunting Space Station 3 & Ramboing Among The Live Grenades) music.

That’s the best way here. I grew up in Greenwich, Ct. and still have family there. I drive up about twice a year.

Looks like May 20th is in Jeopardy. I think I’ve be moving my college daughter back home that weekend.

Since you’d be coming the longest distance Brian, It would be great to acccomodate the June 17th date.

I’ve got a couple extra high end Munis available if someone needs to borrow one.

June 17th works fine for me!

If we do it in June the swimming pool will be open.

Can’t wait! I went to the trouble of plugging some surrounding cities into Mapquest and jotting down the apporoximate driving times:

D.C. - 2.5 hours
Durham - 4.75 hours
Philly (or Pittsburgh) - 5 hours
Charlotte - 5 hours
NYC - 6 hours
Nashville - 8.5 hours
Memphis - 11.5 hours

Im going to the beach some time around mid June…

Ill get back to you guys in a few days on when I could go

I can’t do the 10th or the 17th. All other dates are fine with me.

let me know what y’all decide, because I need to request the days off work soon.

You left out Hartford! :angry: :astonished: 7 hours 22 minutes.

Well, hmm…should we move it to 6/24? Would that still work out for you, Brian/everyone else? 24th is fine with me, except for the waiting an extra week part.

Two more days of classes til I’m done…forever! Man, I’m excited, but really stressed out cause I’ve got a fairly intensive research paper due monday that I haven’t really started yet. Don’t know why I’m posting this here, guess cause I see this ride as a celebration of my graduation. Skippii and James - are you guys graduating this semester?

Two months in advance? Harsh!

6/24 works for me. If people wanted we could also do a distance ride. My Hunter 36" frame should be here by then, so I’ll have another complete Coker available.

24th is good for me!

If you give me some more information chances are good that I can come up there and ride, the 24th works the best for me too.

hmmmmm …let’s see

It will probably be between 3 and 10 riders (hopefully more). I have a house on 20 acres on a mountainside adjoining the national forest. There’s 4 Bedrooms, sleeping bags and 3 Bathrooms, so there’s plenty of room to crash. The house will be vacant except for us unicyclists (ie - my 5 kids won’t be staying there). Arrival can be from Friday afternoon on.

Everyone is welcome; friends, family (potential cooks:) ). I can decide how organized meals will be as we get closer and have an idea of how many are coming. Regardless I can plan to have food there. There’s a gas grill and a full kitchen.
I have a pond on the property stocked with trout(catch and release), and a 24’ above ground pool with a big deck. If the wind is calm I think a bonfire would be fun Saturday night.

Tentative Schedule:
*Friday afternoon/evening - random trials, some small Muni, possibly a road ride, food - whatever
*Saturday - breakfast, Muni ride, possible swim in river towards the end of the ride, dinner, swimming in the pool, possible bonfire, Unicycle DVD’s
*Sunday - more muni, road ride, whatever

I hope many can make it.

PS - I have 2 extra Muni’s and an extra Coker.

I got the 24th off work.
I may be able to bring a beginner unicycling cook, too–otherwise, I cook almost as well as I unicycle. :wink:

Awesome, fakie varial doulbleflip 720 unispin burgers. MMMMMMMMMMM