well, the time has come...IM anti-search feature

ok, im tired of looking through page after page after page of searches
lets just make new threads, don’t they eventually delete themselves anyways??

what? i dont understand what yer talking 'bout boyy!

Use the advanced search feature, it will take hours off of your search.

Yeah, like every thread uses the same words. I’ve noticed any word I type in there, about 10+ pages come up, most of them having nothing i’m looking for.

I’m not anti search, but it is indeed a hassal sometimes to look through all those pages.

Sure its easier for you to just start a new thread everytime but the rest of us don’t want to answer the same questions over and over.

Hes right, and at some point, we stop awnsering them all together.

I don’t know how to make this any simpler. It seems simple enough to me, but for some reason all you people seem to not be able to get it. Maybe you get distracted, and you need some fun shapes to keep you interested. How’s this:



Um, I hope you did not make that picture just for this thread…

Oh Skrobo, there have been a ton of threads about not using the search button, do a search and you will find them.


It’s just a font, and actually, I made it only cuz I’ve never put an image inline into a post, and I wanted to see if I knew how, but it ended up putting two of them in, so maybe I still don’t know how it’s done properly.

That was actually quite funny…

The reason its so damn hard to search is because people keep on making useless posts when they should be searching, by not searching and making a new post you are just adding to the problem.

Oh, ok thats better:p I was thinking you drew it :sunglasses:

You know what? I propose a solution to the common search feature argument. I think everyone will agree, and that everyone will find it very helpful.

I say that Gilby should go through every page and thread in RSU, and delete the threads that are either about outdated events, or that don’t have helpful information in them.

Sounds like a good idea to me.


You people who want to delete old threads are insane. That’s like burning old books at the library.

What everyone needs to do is learn how to use Google to search specific sites. For example, if I wanted to search unicyclist.com for “your mom”, I would type this into Google: your mom site:unicyclist.com

You can use any of Google’s advanced searching features, as well.

“Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.” --Marie Curie

Come on, Steve…you better know that I was kidding.

To the OP: Umm…no? If you have to sift through pages and pages of search results, then you just plain don’t know how to search properly. Just do an advanced search, type in what you want, search titles only, make sure there are at least 1-2 replies, and specify only RSU as the forum to search (or any other single forum that’s applicable to a search, for me it’s usually either RSU or Product Reviews). I’ve always found exactly what I wanted within 5-10 minutes, at the most, every time.

If you’re this impatient, I have to wonder how you learned to unicycle.

My suggestion exactly unicyclist.com’s thread search is terrible.

yeah, you can change the setting to most revelant, but its still a pain, I thought that threads automatically deleted themselves after a certian dormant period,but i guess not

No, you change that somewhere in ‘User CP’…you can set it to show threads from a certain time, or all of them.

I have an idea for gilby, set the search function to automatically do most revelant


Let the man work on more important things and learn to use the search feature correctly.