well i fell hard

yesturday i put 2 gether my torker tx and i finally got it put 2 gether i used the back of my dads pick up 2 mount on it (it says its five feet but thats with the seat post al the way down)
any ways i had about 45 minits of high fling fun when i was came off of it i hit a little bump the bump was just big enought 2 roll my ancle so i would land ont the side off it and i heard a muffled crack i was like “crap i broke it” i tried 2 move it for examination and it poped in and out of place wildly

i got up on one foot and tried 2 walk on it, it was a not going 2 let me put any pressure on it i lowered the seat post on the tx and used as sort off a crutch just enough 2 lett me beable 2 hobble on 2 the garage with out falling
i took off both my shoes 2 compare them, my right foot was swollen and starting 2 bruise my mom drove me 2 the emergency room and like all my other emergency rooms they go by this moto “hey, im not going home soon so why should you”

so we waited for hours and hours untill they finally got me into x-rays. it seemed as if they were trying there best 2 put my foot in every painfull position as posible they took like 20 of em’

long story short they cant find if its broke just yet but im going back there on tuesday for some more x-rays

but for the short time i rode high in the sky like a apple pie…and it was great …I regret nothing!!

stinks about your ankle, get well soon… my fellow aqua bat fan.

I have yet to break anything from unicycling, but i have been injured more from my uni than i have with any other sport ive eever done, kinda weird eh? but my 661s come today and that will protect my legs now =p

Wow i am sure that the emergency serviced tried to keep you there, and im sure there were twenty of them. Your spelling is also very poor.

Sucks about your ankle though, i hate injurys.


Mike, I think those remarks are in poor taste. You never make fun of someone until you know of the full extent of their injuries and they have begun to recover.

After you know that they won’t die or be permanently disabled, THEN (and I reiterate: only then) you may laugh at them.

EDIT: And just because you accused dorfman’s spelling of being poor, let’s correct and rewrite your post:
“Wow! I am sure that the emergency service tried to keep you there, and I’m sure that there were twenty X-rays. Your spelling is also very poor. It sucks about your ankle, though; I hate injuries.”

Get well soon !


Hope it gets better soon so you can get back to riding.

I forgot to put anything lol, but hope you get well soon, hopefully it is nothing to serious :smiley:

You are right, I shouldnt have said that. I do not think he is “permanently disabled” but i suppose he could be. My spelling is not the best but i feel it is at a much higher standard than others my age. Ohh, but not yours.


I know my spelling stinks but its becouse i am talking on the internet if its a school assingment i spell stuff right its just talking on the internet with bad spelling is my little way 2 stick it to the man…the grammar and spelling man


for future reference is there a good dismount technique for giraffes so this dousnt happen or becouse im not sure my parents will let me ride it again if i dont present to them a way to prevent it from happening again


thats too bad, I hope you’re not too badly injured, and I hope you get well soon!!

right on, man!

there are three ways to dismount…one is to fall off, which isn’t usually as successful. another is the Timber method in which you put one pedal all the way down so the wheel will not roll at all, take the other foot off as you fall forward, and land on the ground about five feet away from where you were a second ago. the third is to not put one pedal all the way down and just take both feet off the pedals and drop straight down, letting the unicycle roll either in front of you or behind you. I don’t like this method, because if you’re next to a wall the wheel could hit and stop rolling very suddenly, and depending on which direction the wheel was rolling away, you could cause injury to either your tailbone or your family jewels.

thanks for the dismounting tips james
your pretty awosome

umm, excuse me, but isn’t it supposed to be spelt Y-O-U-’-R-E?

you’re welcome (:

Good luck healing up, dorfman. Hang in there and keep your chin up!

good luck on getting well

You hurt your ankle because God hates you for learning how to type by text messages and IMs. IT’S TOO OR TWO OR TO, NOT “2.”

The typing of the entire generation behind me is going down the drain because of AOL.

That really is a bummer about your ankle though. Get better soon!

How old are you, Seager? I’d like to know which generation you’re talking about.

And if you want to really argue like that, this generation’s typing is probably BETTER than yours because of all this internet crap.

They just don’t know their native language is all.

And I forgot to wish Dorfman a speedy recovery with all my ranting. Apologies and good wishes, fellow unicyclist!

Hope you have a speeeeeedy recovery dorfman. But in the meantime, EAT CAKE! :sunglasses: