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Good morning all. I’ve been spinning the wheel for 47 years and I figure it’s time for me too get into a Schlumpf geared 36er. Does anybody have advice on whether it’s a good idea for a 235 pound rider to use this hub? Also, where would I find resources to figure out which serial number range is the newest?

A big thank you to the administrator for getting this back online. I’ve missed the site.

-David Howard


47 years? That’s impressive!
I don’t know about weight resistance when it comes to the Schlumpf hub, but it’s sold under Kris Holm brand as a muni hub which can sustain 3ft drop.
First gen had more fragile flanges but it got better with time. Latest gen, or the one before should be plenty strong.
There’s plenty to read on the Schlumpf hubs:


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