Schlumpf Hub History

I found myself curious about the different generations of Schlumpfs.
I compiled some notes and I’m sharing in case others have the same interest.

Schlumpf street hub prototype

  • 2 gear ratios: direct drive1:1, overdrive 1:1.5
  • Shifting: direct shifting via push buttons on both ends of the spindle. No cables, no rods.
  • Housing: corrosion resistant, completely encased and protected against dust and spray water.
  • Hub: for 36-hole rims
  • Axle length: 140mm
  • Crankarms with standard square end
  • Crankarms available: 104, 125, 127, 152, 165, 170, 172.5 180mm
  • Distance from outer side of ball bearing to outer side of ball bearing: 102mm
  • Designed for bearings with width 40mm, diameter 12mm

Production suggested for spring 2005

Suggesting price of $1300 USD

Schlumpf street hub
ordering begins

Some Schlumpf frame production issues and delays
25 of 100 were good enough, so I assume they were shipped around this time

Kris is testing the KH/Schlumpf for muni

Kris talks about his KH Schlumpf
The intent was to make a geared hub with ISIS spline that’s good for both on and offroad riding. Here are the some of goals we had for this hub:
-Standard 100 mm bearing spacing with flanges as widely spaced as possible,
-1:1 or 1.5:1 gear ratios
-ISIS spline axle and internals strong enough for offroad riding
-Snappier, easier shifting with improved round shifter button shape and a stronger shift rod and bash-resistant shifter system
-No requirement for a lever arm bolted to the saddle frame, replaced instead by a knurled 42 mm sleeve over the right bearing. The bearing clamp becomes the “lever arm” required for gearing- no need for bolt holes in the frame.

KH Schlumpf price posted $1268 USD

KH/Schlumpf Generation 1
hubs will ship in days

Recall on planetary carrier of KH/Schlumpf hub

KH/Schlumpf Generation 2
will have stronger bearings, slightly longer axle
2 mm longer each side to solve crank compatibility issues

KH/Schlumpf Generation 3
adding protection rings (external dust/water guards)
reinforced rim to avoid broken spoke holes
spoke holes countersunk on both sides

“next year’s edition (coming out summer 2013) will have more lateral clearance between body and frame to make installation easier.”
I don’t believe this actually happened

KH/Schlumpf Generation 4
crank stops
More room between the hub body and the bearings
A new supplementary torque interface
And a neat enneagon shape
Notch for frame
2016 dimensions

Kris describes the updates:

  1. Axle and bearing spacer updates for compatibility with the External Disc Brake standard. Axle length is now identical to the Spirit, Moment and Nimbus hubs and (unlike the previous version) the bearings now have a spacer on the outside. So you can switch out geared or ungeared wheelsets without having to adjust the disc brake.
  2. Improved bearing durability
  3. Flanges are slightly thicker for more durability
  4. Physical block (small protruding nubs - see photo) prevents possible slippage of the knurled bearing side in the bearing housing. This requires that the bottom half of the inside edge of the bearing housing does not have a lip. All KH frames have been this way since 2012. It is an easy modification on other frames - just grind it off.
  5. Greater flange-frame clearance for compatibility with more frame types.
  6. Axle bolt hex key now increased to 8 mm to prevent stripping. The axle is now M14 instead of M12 to accommodate this.
    supplement to manual

Kris describing KH/Schlumpf generations:
First: some bearing durability issues, quite a few returns.
Second (year or so after initial release): bearing durability issues fixed. Hard to tell the difference from the First gen visually.
Third: dust cap added, bearing durability further increased. This is a fine and durable choice unless you plan to run a disc brake, in which case you’re better off with the 2016 model.
Fourth: 2016 model
M08xx is generation 4

No further Schlumpf revisions have yet been made
Will there be more?




I have one hub of the first (00104)series with lever arm, flat housing and one of the latest (M0954)series.
As i am not the first owner, i don’t know the age of the series one hub. It has a schlumpf frame, but it was to short for the 36 wheel, so i had to change the pipes. The other hub is from oktober 2018.
Here are some pictures.

gruss aws

Wow, That first post top picture is the one I have but modified with a on hub disc adapter. Original Schlumpf 29"


Lake aws’s (00102)

Thanks for the history! If you have any questions about the hub and history you can ask me, i live next to Florian and visit him from time to time.

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