Weired Unicycles Website

Sorry if this has been posted before, but hopefully it will be new to some people.

Does anyone know anythign about this uni? I want one :slight_smile:

It says bikes but its mainly unicycles

Now thats an interesting use for a viscount:

In regard to the 13 wheel UNIcycle- I don’t get it. Is that similar to a 26 wheel BIcycle? Or a 7 wheel BIcycle?

Number 15 with the huge gearing that you ride backwars looks a little scarey :astonished:

Nice website, thanks for sharing


Re: Weired Unicycles Website

I’m not sure, but I’d guess it is a design exercise, similar to the Bombardier. All show and no go. A one-sided fork on a unicycle seems to me that it would need to be extra heavy to remain stiff enough for the rigors of unicycling.

That’s a very cool collection, but the “owner” does his viewers a disservice by not giving any explanations along with the pictures. Also by not giving any credit for “his” (some are mine) stolen images. :astonished: