Ways of transporting Unicycles

This is fairly cunning way NZ’er has of transporting bikes, knock one wheel off each bike and its a unicycle transporter.


Excellent!! :smiley:

It would certainly affect the performance of the plane.

Is this the Heaphy track transport?
If so did u ride the track?

Yes to both questions

Enjoy the video http://www.adventureunicyclist.com/2012/06/01/unicycling-the-heaphy-track/


Either those are very small bicycles or this is photoshopped. Compare the size of the bicycle wheels with the airplane wheels.

This is how I travel with mine. Ignore the b*ke…


This is a shoddy screenshot of one of my videos, so the quality’s not great but you get the idea. Did a 6 mile trip on Friday in the snow and ice with that setup and it was… Interesting.

Just got this today to replace my older 2004. Has loads of room and I can fit twice this many if necessary! :smiley:

You need to get up closer to some small planes. Nothing wrong with that photo.

Not as interesting, but another really fun way to transport unicycles is by helicopter. This was in New Zealand also; Heli-Muni! That’s my old Wilder being unloaded. Our guides were on bikes, of course, and took us on some tiny, skinny trails through the “Middle Earth” of the Lord of the Rings films.

I was the slowest of our goup of elite riders, along with Nathan and Beau Hoover, Andy Cotter, Irene Genelin, Corbin Dunn and Scott Wilton. This was outside Queenstown, December 23, 2009.

Quite interesting, really. That looks like quite an adventure.

Where’s the b*ke? All I can see is uni-cycles…

Sorry for reviving the thread… But this is the way forward

I know the thread is old but I feel it’s worthy

This is how I get my unicycle to school, using rope having taken the frame off. If you spend 10 minutes doing the job properly it’s very secure.

If there is not enough space, inside a car. The wheel holder on rear glass. Fixed on vacuum.


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