Warwick UK Town Centre Unicyle Races

Once again we are inviting entries for the 2k fun unicycle ride, and also the “Big Wheel” 10k event around the centre of Warwick in the UK.

Confirmed date for this years event is Sunday 14th September 2008.

Full details will shortly be available at www.uniquest.co.uk

The fun ride is open to all unicyclists of any age with any shape or size of unicycle.

The “Big Wheel” event is only really suitable for 36 inch wheels, but, if you think you are up to it we will allow 30 inch entries.

This is the third year that this cycling event has allowed unicyclists to take part, so come and join us on a 1k circuit with barriered closed town centre roads. We will also be playing Unicycle Gladiators, as well as juggling and Hula Hooping in the town centre during the afternoon.

Prizes in both events for male and female riders, as well as under 16s, and “Goody Bags” for the first 50 entries.

So check out our website for more details. www.uniquest.co.uk

Excellent. I’ll be there again on my geared 29". Hope to do better than 5th this year though :smiley:


I’m up for this, last year’s race was great:)

Warwick Unicycle Races 14th September

Hi everyone,

Just a reminder there are prizes for under 16s and over 16s in both male and female categories for both races.

2K road race for small wheel riders.

10K road race for large wheel riders.

checkout www.uniquest.co.uk for more details.


I’ll be there.


uhm might do this on my trials… if i’m not doing anything else. Anyone up for a trials ride round that time?

Gah! I’ve gone and entered the Nottingham half marathon that weekend! Can’t believe I’ll be running 13 miles instead of doing a unicycle race. That was poor, poor planning on my part. That’s about 1/3 of my annual reasons to own a coker based on current usage too.

So the date is two weeks away, entries need to be in by the 8th so I thought I’d bump this up.

This sounds like it might be fun, but don’t know what’s going on that weekend yet, can you show up without registering? You going Dave?

Ah, thanks for the reminder. I remembered this was on, but had forgotten about the registration bit.

By the way, if any of the Nottingham crowd want a lift, I can probably squeeze 2 people + uicycles in with moderate comfort.


yeah i think I will be, will make a decision for sure in the next day or so

Posted my entry form today, so I’m definitely going now.


We are planning on attending, just sent a mail to the organiser.


I just spoke to johnthejuggler on the phone, because I was worried that I’d sent my form off too late (I sent it on Friday) and it hadn’t got there. He said that it was there, and that it will be ok now for people to enter on the day if they haven’t already.

He also said that the race times have been slightly altered, the fun race is now at 1:10 pm, and the big wheel race is now at 3:45.

See you all on Sunday!

Thanks for the update. I’ve only entered the Big Wheel race, so was going to be turning up later on. I’m glad you posted the new times, otherwise I would have missed it!


Well that was fun, there was quite a low turnout in the big wheel race (only 8 riders) but still a good day. The lack of certain riders helped me out a lot, last year I came fourth behind Roger, Sam and John Himsworth, this year none of them were there so I won! Paul Royle was second, Spencer the monkey third, Dave (kinton99) fourth and Danny Griffiths fifth, Danny is pretty fast for a 9-year-old!

Using SPDs helped quite a bit too, I took them off my bike and tried them out on my coker yesterday as my old trainers were getting a bit slippy on the pedals. They turned out to be perfect for the race as the course is pretty bumpy and it was nice not to have to worry about my feet getting knocked off the pedals.

Thanks to johnthejuggler for organising the race, it was great and I’ll definitely be back next year!

Thanks to John for organising the event, we all enjoyed it. Will add 6th September to next years calender.

I’ve uploaded a few pictures here

Probably my (biased) favourite photo from the big wheel race:

Thanks to Paul for persuading me to build the 29er for this race, I can’t see Danny giving me back my wheelset any time soon :roll_eyes:


Well done Danny!

(And everyone else of course)

warwick unicycle race

clipped in looked very impressive ,can you unclip quick if you are in trouble?
i was also impressed with the guy on the triton 29er with geared hub ,the only one to freemount at the start.

<takes a bow>

Thanks. But starting in low gear makes it quick and easy enough to freemount. It just means I lost a little bit of time until I got around the first corner and could change up.

Thanks for taking the photos and putting them up so quick Keith - Any chance you can email me the full resolution of the couple with me in?