Warwick UK Town Centre Unicyle Races

No problem, same for anyone else. If your not included in the gallery I might have a photo or video clip of you, just PM, I wanted to keep the gallery short with minimal videos.


I don’t know, I haven’t been in trouble yet :stuck_out_tongue: They are pretty easy to unclip though, and I don’t fall off my coker very often so hopefully I’ll be ok!

Just out of interest, as I know Paul had his GPS doodah going - what was the distance of the 10k race, and what was your average speed (or total time)


4.91 miles I think, my time was 19 minutes and about 15 seconds, I don’t know exactly because I forgot to look at my watch until after I’d stopped and got off. So 15ish mph, which I’m pretty pleased with!

Details are here

Looking at my heart rate I don’t think I could have gone much faster…


Thanks Paul. I was curious about the speed because my journey to Notts juggling club (almost exactly 6 miles) took me 27 mins 2 seconds this evening, including slowing down for some junctions and stopping once, and it felt much faster than what I did on Sunday. Well, at over 13mph average, it probably was faster, but if I hadn’t have stopped, it would have certainly been faster.

(And for consistency, the return journey took a whole 8 seconds longer!)


First 36 race

Just like to add my thanks to Jon for organising the event and to Keith for lending me his Coker for the race. I went do the fun ride and came back an “elite big wheel rider” - comentators words not mine :o)

It was about my third ride on a 36 the other rides were pretty much car park tester rides on 150 cranks so quite pleased to have got round in one piece on 125s and not too far (2.9 laps :o) ) behind the winner. I was aiming for 3 laps behind but mistimed by a few seconds! Though that did mean that I crossed the line to the applause for Liam finishing just behind me.

Really made my day cheers everyone.