Warwick (UK) 36" city road racing 17th Sept

I’ve not seen anything on the forum here about this event, so I’ll flag it up now.

Nuneaton Juggling club have managed to organise two unicycle catagory races during Warwick’s annual cycling day on Sunday 17th Sept 2006. There will be a World Class* 36" ‘coker’ race of four laps around the 1km closed road course.

*Well, I understand that Roger plans to compete… :slight_smile:

This will be followed by a shorter ‘fun’ race with anything vaguely unicycle-like allowed, for two 1km laps.

There is an entry fee of £10 for the 36" race and £5 for the fun one. Both can be entered. There will be unicycle games for fun/show afterwards.

More info, and printable entry forms (to be completed by 12 Sept), can be found at http://www.uniquest.co.uk/ .

I can almost hear the erupting roar of the crowd lining the streets, the fluttering bunting, the snapping photographers, the blur of bright colours flying past, the slick tyres or those leading the coker herd humming around the last corner onto the final straight… exciting, eh?

The more unicyclists the better!


P.S. Later in the day there are some rather serious looking bike races:


Does that mean you all have to wear lycra and shave your legs? :sunglasses:

10 pounds for 4Km! Pheeew! that is expensive!!!:o

I actually thought it was 5 km on the orriginal message that I got, seems they have shortened both of the races

one thing that wasn’t mentioned above is that for the first 50 registered riders there will be goody bags at the end of the race which are being supplied by UDC and warwick county council, The fees are to cover the cost of the goody bags.


Welcome to British Cycling and UCI level entry fees! see an other thread on the forum for discussion about unicycling being part of UCI.

More like welcome to Warwick! The whole town is a little over priced because of the tourism.

Ths is quite possibly the most exciting thing that will ever happen in warwick so be there, If anyone needs accomodating or just somewhere to get changed/have a shower before/after I live only 15 mins by car away and might well be able to sort something out. I will probably be racing on either a 24" muni or giraffe unless i can scrounge anything better (might be able to get a 29") and i should imagine my two compadres loosemoose and rupert will be racing the schlumpf and coker 36"s respectively.

Get those forms in people!

I can not wait, this is going to be so much fun!


Each to his or her own. Whatever floats your boat. Although if you want to come and join in, boat might be cutting it a bit fine - you’d have to fly.

I’ve yet to hear of a male uncyclist shaving their legs for racing. With any luck it will stay that way. Thank you.

Sam :slight_smile:

It is a bit much in some ways, but when you consider they have to close off the whole town centre, police it, etc. all for 30 or so people on unicycles, it doesn’t sound so expensive then. I’m probably not going to make it, but we’ll see…


Wish it was the same for women.


If anyone wants to buy a 36" for this event…


You forgot the several hundred bikers who this event is really run for, and the tricyclists (yes apparently they got in on this gig last year). Still you’re right it must cost a fortune, the price seems justifiable given you’re riding through the centre of a beautiful historic town, It’s not like it’s on an airfield somewhere.

I’ll be there. It might not be cheap, but never mind the practical stuff - a unicycle race on a closed, town centre, road course - that’s ace!

Incidentally, don’t suppose anyone’s driving through Nottingham to get there? Trains on sunday always make getting to places on time a bit hit and miss.


Damn forms have to be in before the 12th, rather than by the 12th, might be a bit of luck as to whether i get an entry.

OK, OK, we will accept entries after 12th September. :slight_smile:

Now we know we have enough entries to make the event worth running we will accept more, but PLEASE let me know by E-mail if you will be attending.

We want to keep entries on the day to a minimum, so we aren’t tooooo busy with “paperwork”.

Actually, for those interested, the main reason for the HIGH entry fee, is to cover the cost of the trophies etc. The event is non-profit making. Nuneaton Juggling Club (or John the Juggler) will not make any profit from this event. Wait till you see the trophies and medals !!! First three in each race get a trophy or medal.

The goody bags are worth OVER £5 each, I know what is in them :slight_smile:

So E-Mail me if you want to take part, that way I have your E-mail address and I can send you the “Race Pack” of info about where it is, where to park etc etc.

See you Sunday. John.

Does this mean you have replaced your stolen coker? :slight_smile:

I know what you mean about Sunday trains (or coaches) too. Leaving Aberystwyth can’t be done much before noon, and it’s two hours to reach the English border, so I’m going Saturday night. Staying with some random relatives whom I haven’t met before, in Coventry and riding over in the morning. Should be interesting.

One week to go!


Yes yes yes, I’m free this Sunday now.

Will get out the coker today and see how it rides, I may have forgotten how to ride it since I got the Schlumpf.

It sounds like fantastic value in that the medals and goodie bags and things are the main cost, I was thinking it would go on boring practical stuff. Also sounds like some fantastic organisation going on making this happen, hopefully it’ll become a yearly thing.


Are there any camera-toting types going but not doing the coker race? It sounds like it’ll be awesome to watch, but I’m elsewhere then…


Indeed. See my attempted hijack here.

It’s fun. Thought I’d finally been properly hardcore with 110s, until I read about silly people trying 102s.


Hi Everyone,

The event is getting nearer. Just a few days to go till Warwick.

Any last minute entries? Let me know by E-mail on john@uniquest.co.uk so we know you are coming.

Getting a bit late to post your entry now, so download the form from www.uniquest.co.uk either PDF or HTML, and send me your details so I know how many people to expect. Any problems I can E-mail you a form.

I will then E-mail you the details about where it is happening, where to park etc. As long as I have all your details you can then bring a correctly filled out form, signed and with the entry fee on Sunday.

Don’t forget you will also need to sign-in on the day with British Cycling for insurance purposes, and you need a proper hard cycling helmet in order to ride the course.

STOP PRESS NEWS !!! If you have paid for the 36inch race we will allow you to also join in the “fun” event, as long as you bring a fun unicycle with you, giraffe, kangaroo, ultimate wheel etc.

Although strictly speaking if you want to be eligible for a prize in the “fun” event you really ought to pay the entry fee, if you don’t want to be in with a chance of a prize just join in for the fun of it. :slight_smile:

Come on everyone, make it as much of a spectacle as we can for the spectators. How about two or three people in a line on impossible wheels hanging on to a unicyclist at the front??? :thinking: Use your imagination. Let’s make this so much fun they want to put us on the calendar for next year as well, maybe we can talk them into extending the 36inch race next year to a 10k, what do you think?

See you Sunday, John.