Wanted: Older uni parts

I am a PE teacher with some old Savages that are in rough shape. I am looking for 16" and 20" Savage frames that are not cracked. I am also willing to pick up some cranks and seats if they are within a PE teacher’s budget. We have 43 unis, but only 34 are usable at this time. I would like to Frankenstein some together before our school parade in the first week of December 2007.

Can’t help imagining a line of fat wrinkly blokes in loincloths and bones through their noses doing pressups…

Sorry - good luck finding the parts you want :slight_smile:


if the school can afford it get some torkers. they are relativly cheap and can take a serious beating. Just a suggestion. Hope it helps

what size/what kind of bearing do they have
the must be steel weld them up

The unis are 16 inch and 20 inch Savages and Zephyrs. I think they are too cheap to get a good weld on them. The hub is not like the Torker hub. I am not sure what the technical name is for them. Eventually these will just be parted out until they exist no more. I have already bought a few 16" and 20" Torkers and a few 12" Suns. I did come across a phone number for The Unicycle Factory that sounds promising.

George, if you do happen to need any welding, I’m on the east side of Seattle and have an inverter welder that can handle just about any material.

I just had a welder look at them and he says the material is too thin and the heating would actually make it weaker. Thanks for the offer though. Its probably just time to phase the Savages and Zephyrs out with Torkers and keep piecing them together like Frankenstein until there are no more parts to replace. I should look into a school grant or something for some funding.

yeah, do that. the school close to where i live jsut filled out a grant, and if your program has already started, i’m sure that you will have good luck with that.

contact unicycle .com, they may be able to help you here. I’m guessing they have lollipop style bearing holders.

yeah the old savages have the lollipop style bearings instead of the caps like most uni’s use now a days. I have an old uni, no tire and the seat is beat up real bad, but I will send it to you if you pay the shipping. That is if you want it

What size frame and how much do you think the shipping and handling would be to Olympia, WA?

not sure what shipping would be, but its a 20in

Please look into the shipping. I am interested. Thanks

found one

Tomorrow I am buying a 16 inch Zephyr I found 50 miles from Olympia, WA. I am still interested in Zephyr and Savage frames both 16 and 20 inch.

I noticed the Dodgers on unicycle.com have the same lollipop style bearing of the savages and zephyrs. Does anyone know where they are made so I can possibly try to get frames from them? I spoke with the help desk at unicycle.com and they don’t have their frames, just complete unis.

And the zephyr I picked up for my daughter ended up being a 20 inch, not 16. I still got it for $40 and the seat is worth at least 30 of it. Please help if you know the Dodgers are made. Thanks.

If you do a search of the forums, I know someone posted a great tutorial a while back on how to repair lollipop-compatible frames. My second unicycle was a Savage. I assume the cracking is localized around the two bolt holes at the bottom of each fork?

Sorry, couldn’t help myself. I couldn’t find the post I was thinking about, but this one from back in '02 discusses a few options. The cheapest fix (and the one I used on my Savage) is to replace the bottom bolt with a small metal hose clamp, screwed on tightly. You can get them by the handful at any car parts store.

You’ve got every unicyclist’s dream job. Good luck!

That sounds very possible. Thanks. Also I will post a couple pictures of the 20 uni riders from our Dec. 1st parade. It went better than I thought it would.