What is "Standard 100mm spacing" ?

I used my thumb and got the same result.

(Yes, it usually means bearing center to bearing center.)

M understanding was always that it was from bearing centreline to centreline. Of course you could have saved that half hour by just phoning Roger, who would have told you in about 15 seconds.

Yeah, and then he would have persuaded you to do something silly like buy something, or organise a hockey tournament :P.

or BUC. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys,

I thought it should have been centre to centre, however, I measured the width of my Schlumpf hub, and it was 101 from outside to outside. I though the hub was standard, so then began to wonder what ‘standard’ was. Hence the post. Turns out it’s not quite standard, and is on 89mm centres.




On that basis… I think my time has been well spent using google instead :smiley:


You are safe, you are in the US.

BUC = British Unicycle Convention.

Although that being said… it could be fun.


I bet Sam would still chose to ride all the way there though!


Can you get pedalo unicycles from UDC?

No. That is not a name I know either.


I don’t believe they make unicycles, but they do make a ballance trainer.


At UDC UK they have Fun Wheels, a much less expensive brand (it also apears to be less durable)

There is also the easier Double Pedalo, the Pedal Go,

and the much harder Ultimate? Pedalo - for learning to ride an UW.

Phew! I’m glad someone else has noticed this too… call me a stickler for detail, but ferchrissakes, if you’re going to call something an alloy, you better start naming ingredients!

Put simply, “alloy” means “mixture”. What good does “alloy” do for someone who’s shopping for, say, a set of steel cranks?


rips hair out

No, no.
This type of pedalo.

I was making a joke about Sam riding across the Atlantic.

Don’t worry, at least one person got it
Edit - that was me, by the way!

You need to remember you’re posting on a forum frequented by Americans, who are well known for having no sense of [post=1267801]humour[/post].
(or at least it seems to be very different from ours :))


Remember, different is bad.

…and very easily offended :o

Sensitive…like a little blossom.