WANTED - Nimbus Venture 138mm cranks

Hi Guys. I’m trying to get hold of a pair of Nimbus Venture 138mm cranks. I can get the Venture2 versions which is the new “upgraded” version and readily available everywhere, but those are not what I need, as I personaly realy don’t like the new upgrade - I need the original Venture’s. So can anyone help please - I live in the UK and will gladly pay delivery etc etc. If anyone has a set and prepared to sell them to me then please email me on rob@likwidart.com.
Regards - Rob.

you can only get the 138 in the venture 2s

Hi Rob,

I have a pair of Nimbus Venture 138mm that I got for free from Nurse Ben. They are all yours, you just pay shipping from the US :slight_smile:
(Here is a pic of them)

If you provide me a zip code, I can try to have a quote from Fedex/UPS/US Mail.

Hi Siddartha. That’s brilliant - if you could post them by the normal US post and send them as a “gift” then the delivery should cost around $20-$30 (maybe!) - if they’re sent with a “value” added, then anything valued over $20 has a customs charge added which can be quite costly most of the time. If you could find out how much they’d cost to send, and how much you’d like for them, then I can send you the money by paypal. My post code in the UK is WS1 2DW - if you get the chance to find out the cost etc, could you please email me at rob@likwidart.com so that I can sort payment and full address details with you. Many thanks Siddartha.
Regards - Rob - Likwidart.

Hi Siddhartha. I would definately like the 138 Venture cranks - and as for posting them, if it makes things easeir then I have a freind in Utah USA that I’m regularly in contact with, and if you could post them to him he would then post them over to the UK for me. I would pay you for the cranks and postage - please email me Siddharta, at rob@likwidart.com. Regards - Rob - Likwidart.

Hi Likwidart,

the cranks are free and I don’t mind posting them directly to you (you will save shipping cost from me to your friend).

I will send you an email as soon as I got a proper estimate from the US Mail website or after a trip to the Post Office.

Don’t worry, they won’t run away (they don’t have legs for it ^_^).

Thanks for your help Siddhartha - I’ll await your email. Regards - Rob - Likwidart.

LIKWIDART,why don’t you like the upgraded version? I’m curious as I’m tempted to get some.

Hi Stabiliser - there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the Venture2 cranks, it’s just that I’ve got so used to the “originals” that I preffer them to the new versions - the “old” venture’s have the pedal “thread” in perfect allignment to the crank fitting, whereas the “new” version has the pedal threads offset at about 1mm outwards to the crank fitting. The difference is bearly noticeable and the new one’s are apparently better for manouvering whereas the “old” versions where apparently better for speed. If I used my Venture2’s I know I’d get used the the very slight difference very quickly, it’s just that I’m trial testing all the options/variations etc and doing some “personal” mods to my 36"Schlumpf, so I’m just being a bit “pickie” at the moment.
Regards - Rob - LIKWIDART.

Ok thanks.
I just snapped my Impact Eiffel Towers, which are 140mm.
Was thinking of going back to 150mms, but think I’ll try the 138’s and adapt to the difference, which is tiny, but I know I’ll notice it.
Suck it and see as they say!

Glad to see those cranks making the rounds :slight_smile:

They were a gift from Josh at UDC, so they can be like the “traveling pants” and take on an international life.

There are also some other cranks to consider that have a low Q and a bit more durability. The K1 is made in a regular and a light 140mm. The regular has a steel thread insert, the light is tapped like the Ventures. These are ISIS cranks and fit Nimbus and KH hubs.

Also QuAx makes a three different ISIS high Q 145 cranks in an inexpensive Al, an expensive Al, and in chromoly.

When you visit Utah, do you go riding? My daughter lives in SLC, I go out there often, maybe one of your trips would coincide with our visit? There are a few forum members living in Utah.

The k1 lights have steel inserts not taped aluminum, just saying