Wanted: New/Used 36" Nimbus tire

Anyone with a good 36" Nimbus tire available, I’m looking to buy.

Message me with info. thank you

In a month there will be new ones available form UDC

If you cannot wait for that you can get King George Tyres from QU-AX right now or perhaps

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Hello ruari, Wow, thanks of the follow up information. I followed up on your links. Kings is now sold out. VeeTire suppoort is great, they tracked down a USA retailer for me, www.bicyclebuys.com , but the cost at $179 (search for 0602280 at the site) has me waiting for restock at unicycle.com .

Meanwhile, rotate your tires guys!


Ah that is a shame. I bought a KG Ultimate myself on the 9th. Maybe I got the last one.

FWIW, it cost me 120.59€ which is $141.59🇺🇸 according to xe.com.

The website claims the Ultimate (which is the lighter version) is still available. Did you only look at the older (heavier) KG?


My apology to ruarl, I misspoke, The actual story is that I contacted qu-ax.de (sellers of the King George Tyres from QU-AX), they do not ship to the US “since shipping to there was extreme long and uncertain (1/5 parcels got lost), or very expensive by UPS (around 80/90 Euros)”.

Looks to me that qu-ax.de does ship nearly everywhere else, and like ruarl said, they currently have stock.

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Ah thanks for the clarification as that might be useful to someone else.

Rather long shipping time compared to UDC UK. I ordered one anyway.

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Isn’t your collection big enough already? You must be rivalling UDC these days! :laughing:

I want to have a spare 36’er tyre. I recently ripped the side wall of a Nightrider Lite. I tried to repair it, but it didn’t last.


Ok, that is fair. I will let it pass :laughing:

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I am no longer looking for the tire. Unicycle.com USA has them in stock, and I ordered one.


If you have time, could you tell me about your experience with the nightruder lite?

I like the NR Lite for the most part. Turning and climbing is easier with the Lite than the regular NR. A lighter tyre made up for the power I lost when I went to shorter cranks. The sidewalls are thin, and can rip pretty easy (as happened to me), so now I try to keep away from sharp rocks etc. However, riding on a flat even surface with the regular NR is great. More stable. After getting used to NR Lite, I got the chance to ride a uni with a regular NR on Venice Beach and El Mirage Lake, and it felt great (sweet pre pandemic memories). Like all NR tyres it picks up a lot of pebbles which I find annoying.

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