Wanted: 36" wheel, rim, whatever

I’m trying to build a “freak Bike” and I want a 36" wheel. Anyone have a wheel, or parts from one after upgrading that they would like to sell?

I’ll even take just a rim.


I’ve got a 36" wheel I’m trying to sell. Steel rim, 12 gauge spokes and UCD super-wide hub. I’m looking for about £30 (UKP).

I know I’m in the wrong country, but I could probably get it to unicon quite easily without it costing me any extra, if you or somebody else could get it from there to the USA.

Just a thought.


what does that come to in USD?

Any idea what shipping would be to the USA?

Its not worth shipping a 36er overseas. Trust me.

£30 is US$59 at the current rate.
Like Brian said, shipping it to America would be ridiculously expensive - it certainly wouldn’t be a cheap wheel by the time it got there! I only mentioned it because I could probably get it to unicon without it costing me any more (if I put it in with my coker it would still be within the weight limit I think), so if somebody could do the same to get it back to the US it might work out cheap.


anybody up for briniging this thing back to the states from Unicon? Especially someone close to CT?