Want to try unicycling. $100 budget

I have been looking all over and Amazon seems to have good prices. I have found what look to be decent unicycles for a beginner.

Sun Flat Top Street Unicycle 24" $96
Avenir Mountain Bike Unicycle (20-Inch Wheel) $110
Torker Unistar CX 20 Inch, Black $99
Sun Flat Top Extreme DX Unicycle 24" Flat Black $121

Also found a “almost new” Cyclepro 20" locally for $50


Can anyone give me some advice in this price range and what you might do?
I am 5’10" 160lbs and active. I mountian bike, ski, and juggle so I figured why not give this a try. Probably would ride mostly streets and grass but we do go camping a few times a year.
I really like the looks of the Avenir but can’t find as much info on them as I can on Sun and Torker.

I’m learning on the basic 20" Avenir DLX, which was only $70 new. (Amazon, as you’ve found.) Some folks have had trouble with them but mine’s been fine for me. It looks exactly like the Cyclepro in the ad you linked to. The same design seems to have been made in several different countries and sold under many names for many years. There isn’t too much to it I guess. I wouldn’t try any big jumps on it (as if I could!) but it feels solid and so far so good. I would hope that the muni would be more robust.

If you look at the avenirusa.com website, you’ll see links to Raleigh USA and to Diamondback. At this particular moment it appears they’re part of the same corporate family, the Accell Group. (So it seems is Torker, for what that’s worth.) But that can change quickly, and lately it has been. I’m sure they’re all being made for them by Asian contract manufacturers, but that seems to be true even for high-end brands.

Good luck with it!

Thanks for the info. The wheel on that Avenir keeps calling to me for some reason…:smiley: Maybe I will see if the price drops for Memorial day.

Well, I have to say, even though the wheel on that avenir looks good, I really doubt its durable at all. For unicycling, if you get to the skill level where you want a wheel like that, you probably will be rough enough on your uni to really mess that thing up. I could be wrong, but I suspect there’s a reason no one rides one that I know of.

The cyclepro probably isn’t worth 50$, for that price you can purchase a cheep new unicycle instead of a cheep used one.

Those sun uni’s look okay, I’ve never tried one.

I would suggest going with the unicycle I have linked to. I have been very happy with the quality of all the torker unicycles I have bought. This unicycle I have linked to is an “lx” as compared to a “cx” like the one you linked to. The biggest difference between the cx and the lx is probably the tire. The lx has a nice wide bouncy tire that I really like. Also, the seat on an lx is vastly superior to the seat on a cx.

If I was in your place, it’d be on a truck headed my way already. :slight_smile:

Shmolagin’s point is well taken, that almost surely it’s not a real mountain unicycle in the same category as models selling for two or three times the price. But if it’s no worse than the lower model I have then you shouldn’t have to worry that it’s made out of cast pot metal and old scrap conduit. The Avenir brand has been around for a long time in the bike world. I’d guess like most of them that once upon a time it was someone’s dream start-up, but long ago it became yet another a brand label owned by some holding company or another. It’s always been reasonable stuff though.

In the big scheme of what grown-ups spend money on in our society, that’s pretty cheap either way as long as it makes you happy and gets you started and you have an idea of what you’re getting. (I’ve got shoes under my bed that I’ve only worn once that cost more. And try learning to ski for that.) You can do a service for the rest of us by reporting for good or bad on what that 20" Avenir Muni is really like if you get it. :slight_smile:

I think pretty much any of them would be OK to start out and see if you like it or not. I have a 20" Cyclepro that I paid $50 for several decades ago. It’s OK for what it is – a cheap learner. I still use it to practice stuff I can’t do yet – idling and going backwards. The small ones are nice because you can just step off them when something goes wrong. The bigger they get, the harder you fall, to paraphrase the old saying. (I think I must have cracked a rib falling off my 36 last week – still hurts!) ('Course, I’m old, too, so that may account for something.)
I rode a 24" Sun at a bike shop a couple weeks ago. It was nice. Seems like even the cheap ones these days are pretty nice.
The more expensive unis have nicer features. As time goes on, if you like riding and want to stick with it, you will probably acquire more than one. (I now have 3, and I’m still a relative beginner.)
Good luck, and post updates on your progress!

I just noticed this thread: http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=110618
At the very bottom he says he has a Torker LX in good condition. A used Torker LX is better than any of the unis you listed. It might be worth emailing that guy about it…

aaaaaaaand here’s another one. There are Torkers all over the place.

I agree with aarons. Torkers will be far better than all these other unis. Unless the seller is trying to rip you off, it will fit in your budget.

Thanks for all the great reply’s!
Ok so now I’m looking at spending another 40 bucks and getting the torker lx 20 or lx 24. If I wanted to ride longer distances should I just get the 24 and not look back? :roll_eyes:



I bought a like new sun flat top 24" on craigslist a few years ago. Learned on it, and I still ride it because I cant bring myself to spend $500 on a good uni.

Torker is far superior to the others!

If it were me, this is what I’d be getting:


This is a unicycle.com brand (nimbus or club, can’t tell) for sale in Wellsville. Assuming you live in or around Roy (where the ad you posted was) it’s not a terrible drive, and you may be able to meet somewhere in between.

For the same price as the one you posted, you’ll be getting a far better uni.