Unicycles for sale

I live in Virginia and would like to try selling some without messing with the shipping first. So I will start with pick-up or meet up.

KH29 with Hans Dampf, Big Apple and Stout tires. T bar handle 165/137 cranks, Magura rim brake. $700 I have over $1100 in it.

Koxx One Trials $150

Torker LX24 $100

Custom Muni 24" Frame is like an Oregon whatever that’s called. Onza parts and 165 cranks $300

May sell more later. PM with email for pictures.

Any chance you would part with just the hams dampf?

pmed :slight_smile:

Can you please post(or pm) some Pictures?


Is that the devil frame? Also would you ship it?


muni 24
torker 24

I would pay shipping costs

Well it looks like no local pick up some I’m going to find out about boxes and shipping costs tomorrow.

I don’t know anything about the trials except it had a pink rim and black frame when I got it.


Looks like $50 for shipping per unicycle. 35 postage 15 for box plus packaging.

Hi Brickman

Do you ever make it in to DC? I would be interested in the koxx if you could drop it off to a friend of mine there.


Hi, I am very interested in the kh29. Is it still for sale?

Hi Brickman a PM sent about the koxx


I started working my way down the pm list now that I have shipping figured out.

more pics


for sale pic

All tires for kh are almost new…less than 2 miles on each…pic shows the only scratches on right fork

The other two have some dinges but ride fine for me at 270 pounds.

Trials and KH29 are spoken for.

Shipping quote is for USA.