Unicycles for sale

If you sell all these will you only have an oregon left?

Oregon 26x4 will be my big wheel offroad
Oracle 24x3 small wheel offroad
Torker 20x2 hard surface easy carryalong showoff cycle.:smiley:

KH 29 is for sale again

The KH29 is going to be awesome Brickman. I put my 137 cranks on for now and it is much faster. Thank you for delivery!

You are welcome, thank you.

Thanks for the trials. Already love it!


Is this available again. I am very interested

KH29 and Trials are gone. I still have the other two and some cranks, tire and brake.

What cranks and break and tire?

165/137, Hans Dampf, magura rim brake.

What did you want for the Maguras and the Hans dampf?