want new seat, need opinions

Hi all
still a newby but getting to the point that my stock seat on my Torker LX is getting rather uncomfortable fairly quick.
my riding at the moment is mostly paved surfaces mixed with some hard pack dirt,gravel,sand and rough cold patch tar. I don’t plan on doing any real hard core muni riding but some bike trails are in my future.
would a nimbus stadium be a good fit
I don’t know anything about how to pick a good seat and would appreciate any input. I don’t want to go top of the line but want something better than stock


seats are very personal things. I guess if you ask 5 uni riders you will get at least 6 different opinions. :slight_smile: The first thing might be the question if you prefer a more typical banana style (classic uni setup) or a more bicycle oriented seat (flatish and you sit on your sitbones). The nimbus stadium is one of those newer designs. Quite firm, quite flat and you sit on your sitbones. I like it a lot, however other people will have different opinions…

The Torker seats are terrible, so almost anything will feel like an upgrade. Nothing wrong with the Stadium. Make sure whatever you buy will fit on your seat post. Good luck. Since you’re in Georgia, you’re probably fairly close to unicycle.com headquarters. It would be worth the drive to test-ride some seats before you commit.

Nimbus Stadium: great saddle, highly recommended!

I thought all the uni seats used the same 4 bolt pattern to bolt them to the seat post bracket
are some uni seats clamp type like on bicycles were they clamp on the seat post

mine has a curved plate welded on the top of the seat post and the seat bolts to that and is a little adjustable by sliding it forward or back for different angle.
in the pictures it looks like the Stadium has the 4 bolts for the bracket

Have you tried padded bike shorts? Those made a huge difference for me. I started with a Torker LX, and I experienced pain from chafing where my inner thigh met the groin area. I think the Torker saddle design works well for total beginners needing the seat to stay wedged between their legs. But one they are riding any distance, the chafing begins. Most other saddles are slimmer and more arched from side to side through the center (scooped) section, decreasing the kind of chafing I attributed to the Torker saddle.

The Stadium might be too hard, too stiff for your tastes. I use it on my 26" muni, but I ride with bar ends, and a lot of my weight is shifted from my bottom to my arms. I also sit further back on the seat.

The KH Freeride saddle may be a better, all-purpose saddle for you, at your current skill level. Once I started using the Stadium on my 26", when I took rides on my 29" with the KH Freeride saddle, my sit bones were sinking too far into the seat, causing problems for the anatomy between the sit bones (no need to elaborate). There are threads on the forum describing how to remove foam from parts of the Freeride seat.

I do wear padded bike shorts when I ride. I can still tolerate the seat but am finding it more and more uncomfortable as I get more relaxed and sit on it more
I’ll look at the freeride also

The fancy KH Zero and KH One use a funny pivotal seat post. Almost anything else will use the 4 bolt post you have now.

You should totally go to the unicycle.com warehouse in Marietta, if for no other reason than to make the rest of us jealous.

Another thing you may try (if you haven’t done it already): Loosen the seat bolts and tilt the nose of the seat up higher. That might shift your sitting position back and onto a wider part of the seat.

Don’t fret! I think what you’re suffering from is a transitional issue for beginning unicyclists. At some point in your progress, you may start putting one or the other hand on the seat handle. Once you’re okay with that, you may be able to briefly stand on the pedals, relieving pressure off your bottom, then shifting your weight onto a different part of the seat.

Good luck!

I moved the seat all the way forward yesterday, it was only about 1/4 inch or less before it was bottomed out on the slide. I really didn’t notice that much difference
I am working on holding the front handle on the seat while I ride, I find it fairly easy when on rough ground but real awkward on the paved stuff. I haven’t tried standing on the pedals yet but have been trying to lift myself up just enough to shift around on seat, that mostly is ending in UPD right now, but I’m still trying.

QUITE firm? :astonished:

I’m used to riding on an old Impact Naomi, and the Stadium feels like a brick even compared to that! In fact just about everyone who’s ridden my uni has commented on the hardness of this saddle. I personally love it because it feels more like a rock-solid bike saddle to me, but as you said other people have different opinions :smiley:

To the OP: I would probably say that the Stadium isn’t a newbie-friendly saddle. The flatter profile and fairly skinny shape does lose you a bit of control until you get used to it, especially without a handlebar because it causes you to slip forward if you’re not careful. It’s incredibly strong and the grab handle is super large though, so that would probably work in your favour!

My wife just got me a KH freeride for my birthday but I can’t tell you if it’s any good because when I opened the box I noticed the bag was already open and the two front post bolts were just in had to use a Allen key to remove the Rear’s wound in and out by hand , the front handle had one crossed bolt which does not matter but there appears to be marks under the handle like a stiffening plate for a handle bar had been installed, upon contacting retailer was told I damaged it ( no I did not ) it’s a trip to the hardware shop for a tap to try and fix it or I will have lots of spares for my next seat. :roll_eyes:

It is all relative… :smiley:

I’d just like to throw in my vote for NOT the KH Zero. Even with a handlebar, it’s not for the faint of heart. I think the One has had the kinks worked out from the Zero, but I’ve yet to try one. Soon… :slight_smile:

There’s not been much feedback on the One. Anybody here has one?

I found the Nimbus Stadium too hard. It was quite good for about 15 km, but after that not so much. I know there’s a new version out now that is softer and more rounded than the one I have. Roger talks about it here: https://youtu.be/YeEzvDxasLs?t=151 Has anyone tried it?

I’ve also tried the Qu-Ax Eleven with dual density foam. It’s softer than my Stadium but still too hard for my likings.

So I’ve ended up with the new KH Fuson Freeride that is not perfect but still the best option (never tried the KH Zero or One).

I saw a tv program yesterday about a guy who set a Guinness record by riding a stationary bike for 111 hours. His butt was completely blue afterwards, so maybe I shouldn’t complain.

well after the responses here and doing a little more research I decided to pull the trigger on a KH Freeride. hopefully it will suit my needs. besides like others have said it’s bound to be a big improvement over the stock seat
Thanks for all the comments and thoughts

Argh! I gave up on the perfect saddle. I have the original stadium, KH1 and Zero. That’s too much money spent on “testing” product for Roger and Kris. I’ll stick with my KH Street saddle.

I only bought my Stadium brand new last month… does that mean I have this new one? It’s hard as a rock, so not sure how he can say it’s softer :smiley:

It only counts as testing if you’ve shared your feedback. And I know what you mean. Now I’m probably going to buy the One, but not planning to sell the Zero because who would want it? So it becomes a “collector’s item”. :slight_smile:

For aj1500, I think you’ve made an excellent choice and I’m sure you will love it compared to your LX saddle!