vintage schwinn parts sizing

Well, I got a new tire for the old Uni, now I am wanting to find some replacement pedals. I removed a pedal, and happened to have a plastic pedal that originally came on my old Coker, and to my surprise they don’t seem to be the same size thread. Does anyone here know what size a mid 70’s vintage schwinn 24" uni pedal thread is, and where I might find replacements that offer a little more traction? Looking online I am thinking 1/2" but was hoping to find confirmation here.

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I have been rebuilding old Chicago-made Schwinn bikes for years and everything on them is SEA threads. I’ve never had any luck with replacement pedals. I swap better looking pedals from parts bikes to the worn-out ones on the rebuilds. I’m sure you already know that even the tires are “odd” Schwinn-only tires.
You might want to try locating a '70’s ladies Varsity or Breeze at a yard sale. Ladies were usually less abusive to the bikes, so generally, they are in far better shape, easier to find and cheaper than boy’s bikes. Face the rubber with skateboard grip-tape, or for more traction, use self drilling sheet metal screws.
Just a thought…

If a standard 9/16" pedal won’t fit, 1/2" is almost certainly correct. But make sure you’re screwing it in in the proper direction; pedals tighten towards the front of the unicycle, because the left side has a left-hand thread.

I have an original 1967 Schwinn uni that I inherited from my uncle. These are the pedals that came on it:

I am not sure what size they are, and I doubt that you will be able to find another pair…

My 1984 Schwinn 24inch has 1/2" threads. I went to my normal LBS, and they didn’t have any. But the second one a went to had a pretty nice large grippy pair for 15 bucks. Sorry I forgot the brand =(

My two old schwinns both have 1/2" pedals. The larger one has cotterless cranks, but still has the 1/2" pedals.

Fortunately the Odyssey Twisted PC, one of the best pedal deals anywhere, is available in 1/2":

in the past, you used to be able to go to bike shops that had old parts laying around. You could get some 1/2" pedals for real cheap. Now they must be getting more scarce. I’m sure you can find plenty on eBay though. There are basically two sizes for “common” pedals, 1/2" and 9/16". These days, 1/2" is either associated with juvenile bikes only, or maybe not used at all. Try department stores and you might find some there?

Yup, love those old schwinn “wedge” pedals. Not. I don’t know what they were thinking with those…

Like everyone says, 1/2" pedals should work. If your hub/cranks are cotterless you can consider getting new cranks which will accommodate 9/16 pedals. If they’re not then you’d have to get a new hub and spokes and while you’re at it might as well get a new wheel and tire and if you’ve gone that far, oh heck, just get a whole new uni.