here some new stuff from germany…:



you need divx 5 to play the video.


Wow Felix, that’s an amazing video! Thanks for sharing. I really liked the pedal grabs to the narrow rails and those great side hops. It’s interesting to see how high your prehop is. I’ll have to try a bigger prehop…I’ve been pre-hopping about half that height.

Excellent video, thanks a lot!


Wow. That video was amazing. I’m definately gonna be watching that one quite a bit now. You seem to have a really good style, and trying some new tricks… trying to like 180 shove your wheel against a a vertical wall with a little edge sticking out. Some pretty original stuff in that. Also your hop height is amazing. So many times during that I thought you were just gonna pedal grab it or soemthing but you went to rubber! You must be rivaling Ryan Atkins :smiley:

Anyway, great movie and keep up the good work.

Yeah, actually I’d like to know what your highest sidehop is both over a bar and onto an object. Thanks.


Here’s a present andrew:

He’s got a 92cm sidehop in that video, so that’s either his highest or he’s been higher!

I can’t believe nobody else has replied to this thread, these videos are brilliant! Thanks for the link Robbie.

Felix, could you tell me a bit about your sidehop technique? Any tips?


For some reason i cant download the low res video, but its probably my tempremental computer playing up. ill give it another try and let u no what i think of the vid if i can get it.


I can’t download either. And I have cable. I can’t play any realplayer for some reason.

Sick vid. A good amount of UPD’s as well. Its definitely a keeper for me.

Keep’em coming please!


That was one of the biggest pre hops I have ever seen!
Nice work on the 92cm:)

-Sabin A.

Nice vid indeed. Big prehops around 20". It seems as if you just smash your tire into the ground and it launches you. Just from what I can tell. You can throw your unicycle far. I also liked the round rail pedalgrab. Staying on those during a pedalgrab is hard.

Andrew: His style is just one of many. Note that Ryan Atkins rarely breaks 12" during his prehops, but he does a much bigger gap, where as Felix seems to do smaller gaps in his prehops, but bigger vertical prehops. You can do whatever suits you. Also, Ryan has a few videos online that illustrate hopping technique pretty well. Check a few of his galleries.

Robbie: Yes, those rival Ryan’s best sidehops. At moab his record was like 97cm. I’m sure it’s broken 1m by now.

Fantastic video Felix! Really great! What unicycle is that you’re riding- I assume custom? Is it me or is the seat quite high?

It always amazes me how many awesome riders are out there and how few we hear of on the forums.

Keep up the good work!

I guess I’m just looking for an easy option because, although I haven’t really been practising high hops at all other than a short burst of enthusiam for a few days, I’m not progressing as quickly as I’d like to with my current technique. I know you need to practise, but trying different techniques should help a little. I’ve seen Ryan’s video tutorial on hopping high.

My problem is I get caught playing around on lines that I enjoy more that usually feature technical gaps and rails rather than high hops.


he definitely gets some major air on his hops. if he brought the uni all the way up between his legs he could easily get another 4 or 5 inches. i tried out the big prehop with no success, but i will work on it more later. when i hop i get almost no air. luckily im really tall (6’2" or 6’3") so even if i dont jump that high i can still get onto some big obstacles merely by pulling the uni between my legs. so if i want to break 85cm i will need to figure out a way to jump higher. so thanks to felix for showing me one option. awesome video. also, i am guessing that you are running pretty high pressure, with the big prehop and all. can you tell us generally what you run?


Would I be right in thinking that to effectively use the big prehop approach you’d need pretty strong back muscles? I’ve been thinking for a while about building up my abs/back muscles/any other appropriate ones for higher hops (as well as legs of course).


Well to me the advantage of this big pre hop seems that if you run higher pressure, you can push it down to the same point, it just snaps back with alot more force.

But man I wish I was 6’3" that would be so awesome. Sure there would be disadvantages at times, but I’m sure it would make it alot easier to hop higher!

jeff was in the video???

So what about Jeff Groves. Just the other day I came to a conclusion about Jeff. In all of Ryan Atkin’s movies I believe that Jeff cams. The thing is though: They’re always rearview mirror shots (if you know what I mean) What’s going on!?

Re: jeff was in the video???

What the hell are you talking about?! That has nothing to do with this thread. Not to mention, Ryan does most of his filming by himself. You may notice how in his latest movie for example, in every shot the camera never moves. He just puts the camera on an object and presses “rec.” Then, he just goes and rides. He edits out the part where he walks up and presses “rec”, so you never see it. Also, Jeff Groves is a great photographer, so would you expect him to do such crappy framing (no offense Ryan)? Have you ever even met Jeff? Normally I try not to be antagonistic to people I’ve never even met, but dude, you’re a fool to say the least.

Robbie: I wish I were 6’3, too. I could wheelwalk so much better, and also, hopping big would be MUCH easier (or so I like to think. At moab Kris seemed to disagree)


Please at least keep those strange ‘Jeff Groves’ comments out of . This section of seems more appropriate.


That was a really hot video. I’d like to see a little less of a pre-hop though, but nice otherwise, loved it.