Video: Seventh Secret

Seventh Secret upload isnt working? youtube was harse, so I tried google this time.
Seventh Secret is a trail on upper Mt Fromme. It was sunny, but really wet and had snow at the top.
Its also our 7th muni ride this year. (vs 6 trials rides)

I liked my boots for the ride. AnSo ruined her socks on a log… wouldnt have happened if she had boots. Everyone got wet feet and slipped in the snow. Some twisted ankles. We need better shoes. But thanks to great shoes, Ryan was able to drop 7 feet. I want whatever he’s wearing.

Youtube just incase

looks good

That looks like SO much fun!!
Awesome video…

Great video, I want to muni sooo badly right now.

Great video! I really enjoyed it!

Its really good to see a Muni video for once. Everyone seems to make ‘street’ videos now!

Rock on!

shoe fetish?

yeah, it’s so great to see a muni vid. Thanks for the vid and excellent riding on such an impressive trail!

Its a shoe video. :slight_smile: Muni is the backdrop.
Imagine if Nike made unicycle shoes. I think the muni ones would have ankle support, a bit of tread, and a KH signature.

Great bunch of riders… they really attack the challenges. We were out for 5 1/2 hours.

Great video! It certainly gives me, a beginner at muni, a lot too strive for. I’ve got a lot of ideas for new things to try now.

What’s with the overall lack of muni footage? Am I just not looking in the right places?

Mmmm footage. :slight_smile:

Check out my Salvation and DeepCove vids:

theres dozens more on the vanuni site, but they’re not as polished.

Why isnt there more? muni is harder

great video there, i think you’ve persuaded me to go out for a ride this afternoon:)

The Salvation and Deepcove vids are also great! Thanks a lot for sharing this…footage…! It’s terrific for learning. I’ve really got to practice hopping a lot more.

Sweet trails, that’s a nice park.

I definitely like seeing people go for the steadicam/tracking shots. However you should (IMO need) cut out the parts where you loose control of your “rig”.

That was great!, i realy enjoyed it actualy, edds right it is nice to see a good old M-uni vid these days. Nice name too


I loved that video. I think I’m gonna try going MUniing an extra day this week…

This was my first google video… I was disappointed the basic quality wasnt much better than youtube. But if you click ‘download’ you get a better quality version that plays in Google Video Player.
Here’s the direct link
But its still mono audio. If when gallaries work again, I’ll upload the original.

Thanks! I cant name all my muni videos Mt Fromme, so I started using more specific trail names, which have pretty cool names.

Ya, its a great park!.. check out the trail map.
You can click the red dots for photos

Re loose control
Thanks for the feedback. I wanted to show it once or twice to emphasize the chaotic danger. In Salvation, Martin crashed into me.
But there wasnt any lost control in Seventh Secret?
Maybe you mean at 3 min 15 sec where I filmed with the camera behind my back, and then I quickly flip it around as she passes me. The camera did a blind 360

i dont like too much wheel footage.

anyway nice muni!

Definite foot fetish. :slight_smile:

I loved the music, and it was great to watch. Thanks!

Nice vid. Liked the Crystal Method soundtrack too.

At last, the gallery is working! So now you can see the footage in higher definition, and listen to the music with both ears.

sure downloads slow. maybe google isnt such a bad thing. But crystal method songs have great stereo and fidelity. That one is from ‘tweekend’