Video of your latest ride

Hi Eman,
Thanks so much for the kind encouragement about my Videos.
I’m just discovered iMovie app on my iPhone is a quick and easy video editor for me to use.

I have some other footage I will be putting into short videos. I just have to be mindful of who watches my videos because there is some footage that is part of the “story” that includes me hill climbing in heavy traffic (trucks/buses) on narrow roads in Hong Kong.
Kowloon Peak and “The Peak”
Back in Jan, I promised the Kong Kong Unicycle Hockey guys I would post the videos.

Not sure if my family or work (boss) would get a good impression of my safe riding - I take great thought in my safety unicycling.

We are the same age, mate!
Excellent hill climbing, keep it going.
I Love hill climbing on a unicycle. Just something about the feel of the pedalling and balance. I think you know what I’m talking about.


Before heading to unicon21, I had a 25km round ride yesterday morning in St. Paul. There was a flood warning before, and some lower trails beside the Mississippi River are still flooded or muddy.

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Unicon21 10K road race.
I fell twice just before the end when I wanted to speed up to catch up with the competitor ahead.