Video of your latest ride

So, just like the picture version, show us a video of your latest ride.

I think it will be very cool to see where people ride, their riding style, and what people are riding… all in action.

Here’s a short clip of me riding today.
My film name is unediTed.


That’s great to see all weather muni!

Great idea to start this thread.

I made a small video from a recent ride on my home trails in Southwest Germany. Five months ago i started unicycling and i really enjoy it.


Yeah, that’s pretty nice :relaxed:.

Some videos of Team Ursli and just of me:


Winter in Moscow. Third month here is not hard road surface, only snow, ice and mud.

I use here my 27mm folding rim (Folding / take down / traveling wheels - #29 by Zivit)


First trial with Aerobars on the KH36. Had no idea if I could manage it.
All good, I’m set to start commuting to work (12km)! Will be requested to start working from the office again very soon.
With the aerobars, I’m feeling, the weight distribution is 30% posterior, 40% legs, 30 elbows/hands.


Wow, you look like you are speeding along there!!!

Norm, you are an amazing rider. So fast to learn and fearless. All the best!

Maybe I should try aerobars again…

This was one of better rides as of recent. I decided to go out and get some of my best coasts in street down! The last trick was a world’s first too :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Had to share :slight_smile:


My latest ride:


Same spot, different uni.


Some cruising and rollback/idling practice yesterday: TikTok - Make Your Day

EDIT - tried a couple ways of embedding the video, but no luck. LMK if anyone knows how to do it.

From How to embed tiktok, reels and spotify? - #5 by Canapin - support - Discourse Meta :

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During some festivities in Spain I came back to my hometown and rode through this trail.


Took my KH36 to Tokyo, Japan.
Rode the Arakawa River cycleway 58km.

Here is a short video with my phone.


Wow, it looks pretty fun. Which size of cranks do you use in the 36?

Finally the snow has arrived. Not much but some at least


110mm cranks. Still learning to ride a schlumf with 150mm cranks.
Btw, in the video, you can see my plastic knee pad shells that go over my padded knee pads. Allows a sliding surface on the road surface…same idea as how skateboarders slide on their knees on skate bowls. Saved me and my pads a couple of times upd over the front at 18km/hr. (Faster than I can run on landing the upd)
I got them from a gardening store (removed the padding and use the shells)


Initially when I spotted Erlend I thought,

“What the fuck? Is that a unicyclist!??”

You know, like everyone thinks, but quickly after that I recognised him.

I was half tempted to just cycle past but blank him. :crazy_face:

He actually took a picture of me as well. I am not looking the most poised but :person_shrugging:t3:


Ok, not the most exicting video but just showing what the weather is like and how nice the woods are. :wink:

There was a lot of uphill on this route (about 160 metres of elevation up to that point) and often deeper snow, thus increasing rolling resistance. Or at least that is my excuse for the heavy breathing! :crazy_face:

P.S. Not technically my latest ride. It was actually from the same ride as this picture was taken


I’ve been unicycling with our dog, filming with a 360° camera on a selfie stick. Here are some ‘outtakes’ showcasing our lack of synchronisation and a couple of UPDs - a dog certainly makes unicycling more unpredictable!
(Updated longer version with cheesy music)