Video for helpful suggestions

On a previous thread on mentioning my troubles with learning, someone (I think the unigeezer) suggested I post a video for you guys to look at and give me some suggestions on what I may be able to do to improve. This vid was taken on Friday and is a ride of about 37 feet. That same day I made a new personal best of 54 feet. Yesterday I made a ride of 63 feet. Today I made one of 113 feet so I am improving but if you guys can look at this and make some suggestions on what I need to do, I would greatly appreciate it. It’s a 9 second video.
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Okay the video did not imbed so I need to figure out what went wrong.

Okay, maybe this will work.

it looks like

it looks to me that your making a very common mistake wich is your putting your wheight on you feet aand not your seat wich is causing the wheel to turn more so try to put all your whight on your seat


The only thing you can do is practice

Sorry I to hate the truth

wow it looks like you’re on your way. Your progression is about how most all of us learn (Getting farther and farther slowly). So i would just say keep practicing and one day you’ll find your self riding and you’ll think to yourself “Wow!, I can actually ride almost however long I want!”

  1. Weight on seat.
  2. Practise.
  3. Party!

Looking good! But the tyre looks too soft – pump it up!

Thanks for the suggestions and comments. I aired up the tire and tried to concentrate on keeping my weight on the seat. I found it was much smoother that way which you guys that have been riding for any length of time already know. But I couldn’t go as far as I was concentrating on that. After awhile I did match my best from yesterday–113 feet–but I still couldn’t get over the bump at the end of the driveway onto the road. I think that once it becomes second nature to keep firmly seated, I will be on my way.

What others have said about the weight on the seat issue is right on the money. The fact that it set you back a bit is no surprise, but you’ll soon start going farther if you can put more weight on the seat. As you noted, it lets the wheel spin more smoothly; in the video, you can see that you’re fighting against the uni in some ways because of how hard your legs are working.

You should be proud of yourself! You’re right at the cusp of being competent to ride as far as your legs will take you. When my kids hit the point you’re at, it was a matter of minutes before they were suddenly circling the entire cul-de-sac.

I know we’ll all look forward to hearing more about your progress!

Hi Tulsa

Looking pretty good (from one 47 year old beginner to another!). I too tend to not sit on the seat as much as I should - practice will correct this I’m sure.