Video - Easy Riding

I’ve had some footage of Ryan kicking around from last fall and over the holidays Roman and I finally made a video out of it.

It’s mostly urban trials from the Ottawa area. Enjoy…


It looks great and well produced !!
Whats about putting it on / ?
It would be great if you could give us permisson to bring it online there !

Nice, very very nice. Thanks for sharing.

Amazing! I think I must watch it 100 times like the other one ;).

Wow…another fantastic video. Those kids in the end should have been screaming and standing and holding up Bic lighters…

Nice editing, the two-angle inset thing was cool.

Also the one-foot thing you did at the end of the slack line still stand was a great finishing touch. What was the total lapsed time on the still stand? Even with the sped-up video it was long!

Thanks for the great video!

That was a freaking sweet film :astonished: :smiley: keep it up

that was absolutely amazing…i cant wait till im even half that good…and very well edited too.

Another great video.

I don’t know how anyone can get their head around riding a unicycle along a wall with a huge drop on one side. :astonished:

The jumps are so smooth.

Great riding.

Ryan really knows his stuff.

Very nice, smooth, long lines that make it look easy. Nice editing!!

that was a great movie! I really like the part where he just stood still on the chain for like a minute or two, that was sick:D

this is my 150th post. neat oh gang

very nice video, the trials lines looks so easy an smooth…great! i like the big sidehop, without big prehop. go on ryan!


thats was amazing !

man I’m so jealous of that one footed still stand, i have been working on just being able to one foot still stand at all and his was long and on a slack line! I’m also really glad to see someone doing trials at the docks, I go by them alot and they look like they would be alot of fun for anyone with enough guts.

great job guys.

Gatineau ? that’s where Im from…

Ryan is awsome.

dude… that was strait up sick…


Thanks for the comments everyone. Glad you enjoyed it. To answer a few questions…

I don’t mind. Go ahead if you like.

I’m sure Ryan could have held it as long as he wanted but he tried for the one footed still stand after about 30 seconds. I’ve seen him hold the one footed still stand for a lot longer as well.

It is pretty crazy. You can’t see it in the video but there’s a good 50 ft drop to concrete for a large section of the ledge he’s riding in front of the Chateau Laurier (at around 1:25).


Awesome ups. Love the style when you lift the tire under your butt.
Very nice gaps too…

The stillstand was great!


@ Jason Allemann:

thx a lot, I put it on tonight :slight_smile:

that is one cool vid!
i really liked the double-angle filming, the waterfall gap and the long line at about 2:50.