video: AUS street weekend

hope the mods dont mind, but i made a new thread so i could put “video” in the title.

there are 2 versions of our weekend’s ride

version 1 19mb

version 2 12mb

i like version 2 better because it has ALL the riders in it. and best documents our weekend.


I liked both the movies. It looked like yall had a good time. I wish I could of been there, even though it is kind of a long drive ha. KH.

yeah… it’s kind of a long flight too… 14 hours from LA.
but yeah, that was totally awesome. I wish i coulda been there. Loved the video and the scenic sort of shots.

hey that was really cool. I like ur editing style alot. i liked the first link better. but both were sweet

awesome stuff, dude!

Wish I’d been there, maybe next time.


Awesome videos, I loved them. Looks like you guys had a blast!

very good riding

good video… awesome editing… twas sweet


did i see a double back flip??? one of the coolest trick i saw was the slide on car mount. i am going to learn that today!!!

I loved how the lines went together, one guy would do his thing and then another guy would ride past and we would see him.
Your skills were amazing too, loved watching that vid.


awesome riding, how many people were there?

i loved it. I WANT MORE

love it

Me too!

Hey, you guys should send it to Olarf to put on

Hey Everyone,
I’d just like to thank Alex and the other sydney riders for putting on the event. It was a real tops 3 days of riding (some guys made it a full week do). I know a lot of the guys pushed real hard to land some new tricks and everyone was real supportive and encouraging. I managed to make it through the 3 days having stacked a heap but only getting a few injuries (most of the best bails are in the seccond vid), and at the end of it all i finally got grinding round rails on my beast of a 24" Hurahhhh!
I look foward to riding with all the guys again sometime soon,

man i like how you edited that

yeah the whole weekend was great. props to everyone for pushing it and trying to get their new tricks down. i was really impressed with everyone and there progress over the weekend. rancho man those bails were the highlight of my weekend, keep up the good stuff man, im sure youll stick that dukes of hazzard mount one day hahaha, and keep tryin those 360unispins on the beast, youll get em soon enough.

Good riding guys! Great movie too!

Does the whole population of Australia ride unicycles?


No, only the cool Australians ride. But hey, it wasn’t just Australians there!

Sweet vids, both of them! I like both the better-art one and the more-uni-porn vid. The music was rich and a good complement to each. :slight_smile:

I hate seeing people throwing unis, either in frustration or in victory. cringe :frowning:

whoa, great riding and awsome filming. that vid rocked.