Very old, very huge ultimate wheel?

Look at this!


Nice picture. I seem to recall a post about two guys who rode around on huge ultimate wheels a long time ago. They preferred not to have seats apparently. And people ask us if we hurt our nuts!

As long as we’re talking about things on ebay, there’s a great deal on old style snafu pedals. This is the third set of five pedals this guy has sold, and so far they haven’t gone for more than $15 each. Get them while you can, they don’t make em anymore.

A Penny Farthing that’s lost it’s seat!

I know why the guy is wearing tights…

Clearly it’s a penny-farthing wheel. Many early unicycle performers apparently did this. I have pictures of Tom Miller doing it on a wagon wheel unicycle (ultimate) in 1980 or so. Mind your crotch!

Re: Very old, very huge ultimate wheel?

Sebastian Hoeher’s book includes some old pictures from 188x, one similar to the picture you found at eBay, and one from a race with big wheels with handlebar, but without seat.


Re: Very old, very huge ultimate wheel?

nikkifrog wrote:
> Look at this!

Any chance of posting the full url, please, since tinyurl seems not to
have been working for the past 20 hours?

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