Vasquez Rocks?

Anyone ever heard of this place, been there or ridden MUni there? Apparently it’s famous not only for it’s magnificent landscape, but for the many films and TV shows that have been made using this location, from the classic 1931 Dracula, to the yet to be released newest Star Trek movie, out in 2009. It’s located in SoCal near Sana Clarita. I’ve been told about it several times from mtb-ers and so I thought I would go there this week and check it out! So if anyone’s ever been there, and/or knows about it, please let me know! :smiley:

Very famous rocks.
I know them best from Army Of Darkness and Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey.
The nice thing about B&TBJ is that earlier in the film they are watching TV and the Star Trek episode featuring Kirk and the same rock is on.

Man, I’m such a geek.

Yep, here’s a Kirk & The “Gorn” at Vasquez! I’ll try to get a shot in front of the same rock for comparison! :smiley:


Don’t forget to tear your shirt open.

And… speak… like… … this.

looking forward to seeing some pics! Have fun!

Haha, already ahead of you…on…THAT one misteeerrr! I got my diploma from… THIS school! :D:D:D


Cool, that’s 20 miles from my house.

This is funny. They’re actually going to go film there again for a new Star Trek movie? Hopefully they know by now how iconic that rock is. I’m sure they’ll either set it up as being the same planet, or not use that rock from the same angle. After Bill & Ted were killed there, how can we take that place seriously?

Anyway, when you go, don’t forget to play the Star Trek music that accompanies that scene, both in the “Arena” episode of Star Trek and in Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey. :slight_smile:

That place looks like lots of fun Terry. I wish I could come.

Haha I’m way ahead of you! I have a whole scenario set up in mind. I’ll leave it at that though haha! :sunglasses: