what is a varial? can someone post a vid of them doing it or explaining it?

Varial, essentially the same as a unispin but instead of spinning the uni 180 you turn your body 180 around the uni.
'Nuff said.


No, that’s a body varial. A varial is a unispin with a 180 twist, easy.

Naw, that’s a 180/180 unispin. A varial and body varial are the same thing, 180 body twist.

Na man, I’m right. It’s Shaun J, Tomsey etc. who make all this stuff up and because they’re the best at it, what they say goes so a varial is a 180/180 unispin. Also has to be from seat in to seat out…

Here is a varialflip. A varial is the exact same without the crankflip in it…


Until all of this is written down somewhere, all of you guys are just making stuff up (names). We need a place to coordinate the names and definitions for all these cool new tricks.

Whoever puts the list(s) together obviously gets some say in what they’re called…

The names are just taken from skating and BMXing. A Varial and Body Varial in skating are the same. It is when the body turns and not the board. Why would a term coined from skating apply to something nothing like the original skating trick?
Maybe you’re right, but that’s my 2 cents.


Just ignore the similarities or differences we have with skating terms. It’s been done like this so we can differentiate between varials, small spins and big spins etc. The difference is subtle to some but obvious to the people who do them, which is…

varial = 180/180 unispin, seat in to seat out
small spin = 180/180 unispin, seat out to seat out
big spin = 180/360 unispin, seat out to seat out (Dan does one of these in the latest syko vid)
360 varial = 180/360 unispin, seat in to seat out

Basically there isn’t much difference between a varial and a small spin except for when you try for 360s or more.

Yeah pete66 is right. 180/180 “out to out” is a smallspin and “in to out” is a varial.

so whats in to in?

I’m pretty sure thats a smallspin too and so is out to in.

in2in varial (although I’ve never seen this done)
in2in 360varial (whereas this one has been done)

And in my experience, out to in varials are almost always “fakie varials” because the rider starts the move with the seat backwards (and out)…

I started making a list, just for you John :wink:

I just added the smallspin and bigspin to the list at

dont forget the wikibook man, gosh

wait, then what is when you put your foot on the tire and spin you body 180?

I put it as a 180footplant… I think the only time you’d actually need all these names of the tricks would be if you were making a unicycling video game or something though.

I’ve just gone through and categorised the tricks coz the list was getting a bit long. If anyone wants to add more tricks to that site or refine the ones that are there it’d be good, or else just post them here and I’ll see what I can do. I see someone added 270 unispin to the mix.

Um, are you sure, because i disagree? A varial is the same as a shuv-it. Thus, a varial is when the board spins without the body. I was pretty big into skateboarding back in the day, so unless the terms are different on this side of the pond, you’re mistaken.

But, you do bring up an excellent side point. If you’re going to steal/borrow a term from skateboarding to apply it to unicycling, apply it properly!!!

  • Varial = Unispin = when the unicycle spins under the rider (180 degrees by default).
  • Body Varial = when the rider spins without the uni (180 degrees by default).
  • Big Spin = when the unicycle spins 360 and the rider spins 180 in the same direction. It’s like doing a 180 spin (uni and rider together) plus a unispin at the same time, in the direction that you’re spinning.

i got body varials first try. theyre insanely easy.