Vancouver Island MUni Weekend

Hey everybody,

A date has finally been decided for the Vancouver Island Mountain Unicycle
Weekend. Mark it on your calendars, it will definitely be worth attending.
August 22-24. Some great food is planned, as well as some sweet events. MUni
rides, MUni race, maybe an urban ride, a trials comp, and the first ever
proposed freeride competition,(more details later). There will be plenty of
room to stay at my house(dylan’s) and there is also a provincial campground 5
minutes away. There are also many fine hotels nearby. Detailed directions, a
detailed itinerary, and a detailed list of places to stay will be coming
shortly. T-shirts will also hopefully be available. UNiVERsE 2 will also (once
again hopefully) be premiering at my house(dylan’s). So if you’re stoked to
come out and do some awesome riding with some awesome people, on totally cool
trails (fun for all abilities) then come on up!

Dylan and Lauren

Score, now I finally have something to do on my birthday!

Happy birthday Max!

Unfortunately, my wife’s birthday will interfere with this event. We will actually be returning from an Alaskan cruise (for her birthday) that weekend, so it’s unlikely that I’ll be able to make it. Bummer too, as the cruise starts in Vancouver, and then goes up to George Peck-land (Seward). Then we’re flown home from Ancorage, I think. There’s a slight possibility I can make it to that, but it could be real messy. I don’t want to bring MUnis on a cruise, etc.

Though that could be real interesting in Alaska… :smiley:

Meanwhile, your chosen dates put you less than two months before the California Mountain Unicycle Weekend. This could have a reducing effect on the attendance at both events. Though I still intend to host or farm out a California event every year, if your event is looking real popular, I might scale this one down accordingly. Or maybe my present plans are scaled down already:

Friday October 17: Rockville Hills Park
Saturday the 18th: American River Confluence in Auburn
Sunday the 19th: Downieville Downhill

It should also be a fun weekend, with any number of riders.

I will look into making it to the first-ever Vancouver area MUni Weekend…

actually what I meant was that my birthday was durring the ride, and I would finally have something to do other than the normal ride or sit around and do nothing.

Hey Guys,

The freeride competition is my own invention (I think). It’s alot like a downhill MUni race, but with a few changes. One person goes at a time, and you are awarded points for time, stunts, (drops, skinnies, etc.) It’s kind of like a trials downhill race I guess. What do people think?

The trials competition will be a U-System event and there will be many creative and original obstacles. Once again, fun for all abilities.

Food will most likely be at The Otter’s Bistro a great restaurant with full bar and excellent local food. I got this description from an online tourism site: On the waterfront in Comox with a commanding view of the marinas, mountains and the Glacier. The huge windows and decks make them the Valley’s destination of choice.

The local campground is Miracle Beach Provincial Campground, and it is the biggest and best on the island. Here’s an online description along with pictures:

Hope to see you all here!


sounds good to me as long as it’s not life threatening, like the rampage in utah.