V frame 29er with headlamp - crazy design!

Wow :eyes:

We’re all in the Czech Republic now so the temptation is there even though I don’t need another wheel (!)

Interesting design no?


Selling this special unicycle built to advertise a bike repair shop. Fully functional, but no one has been able to ride at least a few meters on it… 28" bike, a few scratches on the frame from driving attempts. New pedals, wires, casing and tubes. Price negotiable. Available to see and possibly buy in Varnsdorf .


Not saying I’m gonna buy it, but I really want to have a try

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They should offer it for free to anyone who can ride it, and make this an internet challenge !


Why did they put the seat so far back? That is surely the problem. Otherwise it looks similar to

Smart business idea.

There have been a few V-frames floating around. This looks like it has a long handlebar to saddle distance, but I’d say it’s in a rideable range - most others seem to use TT-bars, which put your body much further forward than the ones on this.

It’s certainly a very fun showpiece.


Back in 2009, a thread was started to discuss using a Nimbus T7 handlebar with a b*ke saddle to create a similar experience one would have when/if riding the unicycle posted by @mindbalance .

During that discussion, @turtle created a v-frame unicycle using two KH frames.


It is a fun design for sure and at this price, there is not big risks. Why is Czech Republic so far from where I live ? :wink:

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