V breaks for 36 inch uni

I recently bought a UDC Titan 36 inch uni. it does not come with breaks but it does have a v break mounting hole and a break track on the rim. where can i but breaks for it? i have not found wide enough breaks anywhere online. Thanks.

I would get a d’brake adaptor from UDC and not bother with v-brakes. Modern hydraulic disc brakes are far superior.

Does the d’brake work with a titan frame though? The bearing size for cotterless unis is slightly different to ISIS unis.
And there’s no disc mount for cotterless unis. I.e. No hub or crank is available to buy to attach a disc.


But, thanks for spelling “Brake” (as in, riding hardware) correctly. Rather than using the spelling “break” as in, falling off and fracturing your bones.


While I agree that disk brakes are by far the best thing, at that point, you are spending way to much money and rebuilding way too much. Might as well get a new uni and sell the titan instead of taking a perfectly working unicycle apart. Hub, spokes, cranks, brake, D’brake adapter, brake mount, lot’s of parts, work and money.
You can make a d-brake adapter work on pretty much any frame with some shimming and work if you really want to btw.

V-brakes don’t mount on a single mounting hole, they attach to two studs in the frame. What you are thinking of are caliper brakes, which can mount to that single mounting hole you are referring to.

According to this:

Sunlite MX sidepull brakes work. But I’m sure if you go to a good local bike store, they might have some alternatives too.

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My bad. I’m so used to hubs having a disc mount it didn’t occur to me that that’s a relatively recent phenomenon.

There used to be clamp on adaptors for converting older forks to v-brakes or cantilevers. I’m not sure if those are still around though.

I’ve found nice long-reach dual-pivot Tektro caliper brakes for cheap in local bike shops’ used parts bins before.

It may be worth measuring the reach required and tire clearance and determine if a Tektro long-reach caliper works, such as the one shown on here. Tektro’s dual-pivot caliper brakes tend to work well and are what I typically turn to whenever rebuilding old road bikes. I really love them when paired with a set of Kool-Stop salmon-colored brake pads.

Alternatively, Tektro also makes a BMX sidepull brake as well. It’s not dual-pivot, but should also get the job done assuming it has long-enough reach for your frame. However, I’ve found dual-pivots are typically easier to maintain and provide better overall braking performance than single-pivot side-pulls.

sounds good i will go ask them. if not i will get the sunlight breaks

UDC sells a BMX brake that works great I have them on my 29 and 32 UDC Unicycles. They can be adjusted really nice to provide just enough drag on a downhill to slow you down with out locking up. If they are out of stock I’m sure they will tell you what to look for elsewhere. Keep in mind you have to install your wheel with the tire flat.

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