Usa Rtl

im kind of new here so there may already besomething like this, and if there is please let me know so i can sign up, but whats the chances of haveing a RTL here in the USA. cause i aint going all the way to canada just to win a unicycle race:)

I am going to say highly unlikely unless you have a landmass referred to as “the lobster”. People are going to RTL from all over the world so it is all about priorities and dedication.

Long Island is probably more lobster-shaped than Nova Scotia, but the similarities end there. Noplace else on Earth, it would seem, has a team of people interested in supporting 100 competitors in a 5-day unicycle race.

Which state are you from? Canada is not that far in the grand scheme of things.

Yeah, and lets have one in the UK too so that I don’t have to travel thousands of miles around the world.

One in New Zealand would be cool too so that Gizmo Duck doesn’t have to fly for 24 hours to get there.

And a Korean one would save all of those chaps a lot of trouble too.

In fact, rather than the UK, perhaps we should hold it in Nottingham - just for local people. Myself and Joe will be fine still, and I’ll stand a good chance of coming second. Just as long as I don’t have to do any work organising it, or trying to drum up support for it; I’ll let others do that for me.