Urgent help needed(hopping high)


when i’m hopping on my unicycle i’m getting 2-3 inches height with my seat in or SIF

my unicycle is mainly custom as most the parts have broken on my trials unicycle the only original part is the rim

:angry: i just cant jump high on my unicycle :angry:

  • iv made my unicycle as light as possible
  • iv lowered my seat post
  • iv practiced, practiced and practiced
  • iv even purchased a impact naomi saddle for better grip with SIF
  • iv also adjusted the tyre psi

what am i doing wrong?

any help is welcome and greatly appreciated

I’m afraid you probably won’t get much help unless you post a video or something showing us how you hop.

ok thanks i will

Wow, this does appear to be urgent.

no im just real pissed off with my hopping

Practice more! It took me a really long time to get where I am now! How long have you been riding for? There’s alot of riders who can hop as high as I do and have been riding for less time than me!

sorry for the shit video and i even fall off at the end goes to show how shit i am

hopping video

Well, I’m not much better at hopping than that myself so I can’t help much, but I’ve found that I can hop higher than I think I can if I have something that I’m hopping up to, like a concrete block and a few boards or something like that. Also, I’ve found that it helps to find a stairway somewhere to practice hopping up. Also your tire pressure looks a little low but I could be wrong.

Oh, and let me imbed that video.

In your video you’re not hopping up something or over something.
I’m probably not going to be the one giving you advice on your technique, but I’m pretty sure you’ll get better advice with a video showing:

  • hopping up something. (for side hopping)
  • hopping over something (for rolling hops)
  • your entire body in the clip (your whole body plays a role)

Try bending your knees on the way up. Bounce and tuck.

thank you so mutch for your advice iv just started hopping over things and iv already reached 10 inches thanks

Extrapolating the data we have so far, you should be hopping over skyscrapers by the end of the week. Congrats! :slight_smile:

Yes, he’s a fast learner. Wait! a unicyclist has just bounced past my window. Looks like Carter. I’m impressed because my window is on the third floor. Lol

+1 on stairs.

Up 2 , (one at a time) down 1, U 3, D 2, etc. Mix it up. When you get better do more stairs, then 2, 3, etc all at once up and/or down.

Can’t help, but it certainly is good to watch someonethat can. Some of our NZ team visited our club recently, sorry about picture quality.
And yes that is a Huni-rex 29’er in background.

Thats the funniest thing I have seen you post…ever

what dose everyone think of the tyre pressure i dont know what the psi is but im hoping from the video i posted you will be able to tell


Looks a bit low but pressure is a real personal choice. (Some like it higher than others). Not nessesarily too low unless u get pinch flats or tire fold overs.

how much more air do u think it needs

Expiriment and see what YOU like.

I use a digital gauge so I know exactly how much I have and can correspond that to the feel. Some tires may require different pressures.