urban mounting

hey everyone,

i made a new vid today, its not very long but it was fun…lol

im taking advantage of the loads of snow here and doing some crazy jumping mounts off my porch and off other things.




Nice work, it’s fun hey! I liked the drop off the veranda into the snow, and the hopping up the steps inside at the end.


Nice stuff…

It gave me some new ideas of what to do with the 4 feet of snow we have here.

Nice stuff. Good music, and I liked the attempted mount of the balcony. Sweet.

the mounting from the balcany… the castration factor over rules the coolness factor for me… so i’d never even attempt that :smiley:

I would like to see the unidrop mount, when you kind of jump holding your uni, and mount while airborn.

Or some unispin deathdrop-mounts, from roofs and so on, just to make sure you have time to make your 1080 unispin before landing.

Edit: And yes, a very nice video.
Like the way you go into caracter, mounting your uni like james bond.

Had to take my kids to basketball practice at 6 AM this morning. Its way to early to get up. I am already at the office dragging ass, and that just got me motivated to not work early, grab my UNI, and ride downthe street for BREAKFAST TACOS… Once again, great job!

Does your mom know about the stair hops? Whats her email address again???..BUSTED!

Very fun to watch. I watched several of your videos and I especially like your choices of music (a refreshing change), and skill in editing.

If your looking for constructive, you might want to consider cutting back on the percentage of download time that’s devoted to credits. The credits look great, but should be less than 10% of the total screen time.