Uphill race in Ithaca, NY - September 25

The Finger Lakes One Wheelers are proud to announce the inauguration of a
unicycle division at the Finger Lakes Cycling Club’s annual Cascadilla Hill
Climb on Saturday September 25, 2004 in beautiful Ithaca, NY.

This is a fun uphill race that climbs several hundred feet in about half a mile.
Details about the race can be found at the FLCC website:

There will be about 4-8 unicyclists from Ithaca participating, and we are
welcoming any other unicyclists who would like to join us.

We will also be having a BBQ that evening, and a Muni ride the day after the
race that all are welcome to attend. Sleeping space is available for the night
if needed (sleeping bags on floors or tents on lawns).

The race, BBQ, and Muni ride will be very informal and lots of fun.

We’ll be posting details about the after-race-actitities on our website as soon
as we plan them: http://www.FL1W.org.

Who: All unicyclists
What: Uphill unicycle race and Muni ride
When: Saturday and Sunday Sept. 25 and 26, 2004
Where: Ithaca, NY USA
Why: It’s fun
How: On one wheel

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you plan to attend. Thanks.



I know those hills, they are steep, this will be a challenge!


I would love to be there, but it is not likely. However, if people come from out of town it will be a good idea for you to think about rules ahead of time. Any restrictions on unicycles? IUF-type rules or other?

Thanks for mentioning rules, John.

The only rule so far is that you have to ride the unicycle all the way up the hill. So if you fall off, you’ll are not allowed to remount uphill of where you fell off. We may also impose a limit on the number of remounts allowed so the bicyclists don’t get too annoyed with us.

Other than that, anything goes…