Upgrading unicycle & selling old one to fund it

I’ve currently have a fairly cheap and crappy 24" unicycle as I wasn’t quite sure whether I’d get into unicycling or not… but now I’m set on it! I’ve been looking into upgrading and it’s something I want to do. Currently I quite like the look of the 29" Nimbus Road, but open to suggestions if I can get anything better around the £250/300 mark. However I have a bit of a concern about taxes - my current unicycle was a gift from mum so I paid nothing for it and the sale will be entirely profit. Should I be paying tax on the money I get from selling it? I’ve poked around this salary calculator but not quite got my answer yet. Does anyone here have an answer? Cheers!

I wouldn’t worry about that. It is your property and if anyone comes long and hands you 300 pounds for the uni, you just take the money and give the uni. Leave tax out of it. Ur mum already paid tax on it.

I sold a 2000 EUR uni to someone in Germany, a uni that I bought in DK and took with me to NL when I moved there. Actually also when I sold my car in DK for 10,000 EUR, I didn’t also have to pay extra tax over the money.
If you make it into a job, buying and selling, you should think about paying tax and selling for a higher amount to cover your expenses.

I dunno about the 29" road, but I’d suggest you get a 29" muni, which is more versatile if ever you wanna ride off-road. Then you have more grip. You could go for this one, as it has a discount :

If you’re still a beginner, keep an open mind about the types of riding you are interested in. The 29" road unicycle is going to be fun to ride. You’ll get enough speed to feel the wind in your face, to be riding at near-full-out running speeds. But, the 29" is going to inhibit your learning of a bunch of other technique, such as idling and backwards riding. Part of the reason you like unicycling is because you embraced the challenge of learning something new. If you get a 20" unicycle, you can keep learning new things. UDC sells some bomb-proof 20"s for less than US $300. While you’re learning skills, you can think about your next (third) unicycle. Just my two cents. Good luck, and welcome to the forum.

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Just because someone talks about unis, but also mentions some salary calculator, doesn’t mean I will use that link myself. I know exactly what I earn. I’m sure he will answer at some point and thank for our input :slight_smile:

Maybe that will show as his 2nd post!

I was going to tell him to keep the original uni. That’s the one you use to “recruit” local riders. :slight_smile: