upgrade to new kris holm street saddle?

I’m thinking of upgrading from a torker lx saddle to a kris holm street saddle with the gel insert. Anybody think it’s worth it or would suggest other saddles? I’m going to put it on my 20’’ torker lx that I use for trials. any comments would be appreciated.

I think that is a good idea. I dont have the seat but am getting it soon. You will need a new seatpost. Id suggest a GB4 25.4mm if you are ordering from UDC. With the KH seat and the GB4 you will notice the difference immediatelysp and be glad you did it. Deffinitally worth the money because the LX seat: cover rips easily, stiffiner breaks easily, handle snaps easily(relatively). These problems do happen on the KH gel but just not as often.

yeah, the KH and torker seat and different bolt patterns, so you’ll need a new seatpost. i thought udc was out of the GB4 though…

Oh if they are then that sucks…darn…well you still need a new seat post. Just be sure to get a KH style and 25.4mm.

If I were you, I’d save my money. For trials, you don’t need to sit on the seat much, and then you can put the ~$70 (saddle, seat post, and shipping) toward a proper trials unicycle.

Yeah, id hold off and not put money into a non-splined trials setup.

Ya I’m just letting everybody here know that there’s no way my parents would let me buy a trials unicycle. I come home with bloody shins and flat tires and they don’t exactly support it. So they wouldn’t even let me save up and buy one with my own money. So once my freestyle unicycle breaks that’s the end of my trials riding.

than, wear shin guards, convince them its a good thing, and start saving up anyway. It’s you own money. If you want to buy a new uni, you should be able to…

if you buy a new uni in peices they might not mind as much. get a new seat/seatpost. maybe in a few months get a new wheelset. in a year get a new frame…

Dude, its your money. Shouldnt you be able to do anything you want with it.? Even throw it down the sewer. (Not that your that stupid) A for bloody shins, get some 661’s. Dont let your parents be the cause of your not riding trials if you really like doing it. If you truly love doing it, then dont let anything stand in your way.

I do wear shingaurds but I only have soccer shingaurds. My dad keeps telling me they’re good enough but they don’t go high enough. so now my shingaurds are stinky, and bloody.

That was deep buddy…

It is true. If you really like to do something, then arent I right that you should persue it?

absolutely I wasn’t saying you were wrong.

Oh ok.

I was thinking about getting each individual part at a time and seeing if they really notice the scheme. I might try it.

I think that could work well. Id say start off small with new pedals or something though cause plastics on the LX dont really have enough grip for trials. One thing they will notice though is a new wheel build for a 19" rim which is pretty essential for trials.

I have a standard bmx rim on it now and it’s holding up fine. What are the advantages of having a trials rim?

yea, I say get the new seatpost/ seat, and then maybe some metal pedals.

the big thing will be the wheelset, because you’ll probably have ot get a new frame at the same time.

however, you could buy a new hub/ crankset, and then in a bit get a new rim, and then assemble it yourself…

then you can have a trials tire:)

lower pressures, less bottoming out, stronger.

oh ok. ya i don’t think that a trials rim would fit in my frame… I’ll just see what happens.

Yes but you could put on a slick tyre and work yowards a street uni :sunglasses: