Unsupported browser

The thing like this, it is very unpoliteness for users, for unicyclists:

I’m sorry.

The forum software officially says this about browsers compatibility:

Discourse supports the latest, stable releases of all major browsers and platforms:

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari

Additionally, we aim to support Safari on iOS 15.7+.

See: What is Discourse? | Discourse - Civilized Discussion

Can you share your OS and Browser name and version? If you provide this info, I can check with Discourse if there is a wrongly unsupported browser and see what they say. :slight_smile:

What they have the matter, what of brouser I have?
During several years imy brouser was suitable.
Yesterday it was suitable yet, today it become not suitable. I’m sorry, but can’t believe.
Do thay want to say, that my smartphone is too old, because it is two years old? And so, If my phone is two years old, I’m not worthy to read this forum? Are you joke or serious? Maybe I myself am too old be able to see a playn text and plain photos? What I need to do, to buy new phone? I do not want.
Smell of discrimination, is it?
If I’m too old for your society, well, I may to unsubscribe.

I’ve updated the forum today. It’s very possible the issue comes from here.

And I don’t want you either not to be able to browse the forum :confused:

I may be able to help, but I need to identify what causes the issue to see if it can be resolved.

What smartphone do you use? And what browser? Are both up-to-date? Sometimes, the forum software will drop support of browsers that weren’t updated for a long time for technical or security reasons.

So, I’d really like to help you, I can investigate, but I can’t if you don’t provide this info (smartphone model, operating system and browser, and their version number if possible), at the minimum.


my guess is that it is safari on an iphone 5 (or 6, but not 6s)
which cannot use anything higher than ios12.
ios 12.5.7 would be the latest, and includes the latest safari browser which is “unsupported” by discourse (but still slightly/almost usable, but crappy!).
Maybe chrome browser could be installed?
Maybe switch to a cheap android or use a PC?

Related but a bit off-topic, here are screenshots of how the forum looks like as of today

  • in Firefox with JavaScript disabled:

  • in the text browser w3m:

Apparently one is able to browse and view threads in a basic way, though login and commenting is not possible. Enough for the bots and frugal observers. :robot:

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Again related but a bit off-topic, I spotted a unicyclist with a well-known avatar commenting on Discourse’s requirement of JavaScript:

So apparently our forum administrator is active in development and support of the very platform powering this forum. Chapeau! :tophat:

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Yes, that’s probably that: Maintaining support for iOS 12 - 14 until January 2023 - announcements - Discourse Meta

We will aim to support Safari on iOS 12.5 and iOS 13 until January 2023 . Discourse 3.0 will be the last version to ship with iOS 12 / 13 support.

We’re now using Discourse 3.1.

As an important side note, iOS 13 isn’t supported anymore by Apple, :warning: including security support :warning:, since 2020: Apple iOS | endoflife.date

@Zivit, I don’t know what phone you’re using, but depending on the model, you may or may not be able to use it for Discourse if you can upgrade your operating system.
Feel free to keep me informed, you gone would be a loss for the forum, as with any other active member. :confused:

Good catch :smile: And thanks :handshake:
Yes, I’ve been working for Discourse for 2 weeks now, but not as a developer.

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