ℹ New users : contact me if you unsuccesfully tried to register

I’ve set up a system to auto-ban users that are automatically detected as potential spammers.

Our moderation team has manually reviewed literally thousands of detected spam accounts and posts since the forum migrated to our new software in late 2020.

The goal is to free the moderation team from the hassle of reviewing manually every day all these spam registrations and messages.

The forum software’s automatic built-in detection of spam is very effective, with results close to 0% false positives (only one to my knowledge in more than two years).

Since my auto-ban system is hand-crafted :hammer_and_wrench:, you need to be aware of this new system in case you’d see any weird stuff happening (it shouldn’t though, my criteria for auto-ban are pretty strict).

And if, as a visitor, you try to register and it doesn’t work, please contact me by email. The address is found inside the welcome topic.

This message will be pinned for like 2 weeks so you know about it, and it should be enough for me to know if my system works without issues.


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