Universe 2 is here!!!!

Universe 2 arrived in the mail today. I have watched it and I am impressed!!

I gotta go watch it again…bye


oh crap!! I live only one state away from unicycle.com so I should get mine soon!!!

On’t get your hopes up, I live less than an hour away and I haven’t seen it yet.:frowning: My guess is that Mojoe ordered his direct, so it got to him w/o going through Unicycle.com It will take a little longer to get to Unicycle.com then they will have to send the individual orders back out.

anyone know anything about uni.com’s status with this? I’m getting anxious…

I just ordered the movie “manifesto” from webcylery.com.

this is a newschool urban biketrials trials movie featuring the most impressive rider i’ve ever seen on film, ryan leech. This is an anti competition style movement that he has created.
so for anyone into two wheel trials, i highly reccomend taking a look.

I just finished watching it, and let me tell you: this movie is hotter than your mom!

Awwww SNAP!

I love watching Ryan Leech! So graceful. He was at the Toronto Bike Show last year, him and Kris were playing around on the same trials setup, both equally impressive.

Does anyone know when it should be out in the UK??

I talked to John at unicycle.com today, and they don’t even have it yet. So I would not bother calling them for about a week. By the ttime they get it and turn them around, I would guess will be another week. Then add the shipping time to your house from Atlanta. If they are spending all their time on the phone responding to our questions, they won’t have time to ship.

I saw the final version of Universe II down in Santa Barbara last weekend and I have to say it is AWESOME. This has been said before, but how cool is Dan to include George Peck’s “Rough Terrain Unicycling” as a special feature! I just ordered Manifesto based on your recommendation too, semper_uni. Ryan Leech is definitely one of my favorite 2-wheel riders (and he can uni too).


can i direct order form syko?

yes you can order driect from syko.

There isnt a credit card system up and running yet, but just give dan an email and he will let you know all the details.


HAhahaha Burn!!! oh wait, that was the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Please dont let this site end up like this fourm: http://www.newschoolers.com

Oh man! I got manifesto today! It was so great that I had to go change my pants after watching it. I wish I were as good as him.


How long do you think it’ll be until unicycledotcom ships the videos? My friend ordered it a while ago, and we’re both reeaally anxious to see it.

Did Universe 1 end up as a special feature?

What special features are included?

No UniVerse I is not on there - Dan had some problem with doing that. But Rough Terrain Unicycling is there and a section called “Bonus footage” - basically some alternate/longer cuts of some of the great riding from the film. Plus a few other things - basically, this is the new MUST HAVE disk if you’re a unicyclist. This is what you show someone who wants to know what it’s all about.


what are you, the cool police?

Awwwwww DAG!

I just got my copy of Universe 2 today, and it is DEFINITELY DEFINITELY awesome. It got me thinking about getting about 10 more unis. Dylan sure knows how to crash with style too. When he wipes out, he REALLY wipes out.

THere is a hidden section too, that is a must-see, and very funny.

The unicycle.com “commercial” is really good, too, if you haven’t seen that.

Great job, Dan. I’m glad you put this out.

Thanks also to all the riders that did all that scary stuff… Dylan jumping off the roof of that building – ouch.


dammit, stop teasing me…man I hope my copy gets here soon

woohoo, just checked unicycledotcom and they are in stock!!