Universe 2 is here!!!!

Dan thinks they should be with us on Monday, will be with UK customers the next day.


Congrats to all the riders and everyone involved in making this movie. Very well done, exceptional riding, great riding/soundtrack syncing, cool wipeout reel,

And I have come to the conclusion that there should be one drunken indian in every unicycling movie from now on.

That was no building, that was a toilet! At least that’s how I first heard about it. I heard Dylan broke his Profile Downhill axle in a jump from a 9’ toilet.

So I’m thinking, who uses a 9’ high toilet?

Okay, so it’s more of an outhouse. This is at the parking lot for the Slickrock Trail in Moab. Lesson learned that day, after “Dylan meets toilet,” is to save the toilet jump for after the main trail ride. I believe he did it in the morning, and that’s why we didn’t see him out on the main Slickrock Trail that day.

Yes, you’re going to love Universe 2. I will treasure my preview copy from MUni Weekend (with its special message to MUni Weekend attendees at the end).

I believe the reason Universe 1 was not included was due to music rights. Apparently Dan had verbal agreements from the various artists in the film, but this would not be legally binding enough for wider distribution. I think he worked on pursuing this, but decided to instead focus his time and energy on the newer film.

I have been shipping Universe 2 DVD’s for the last couple days. If you haven’t ordered one yet,
send me a e-mail and have it sent today.

It’s awesome !!!



Got mine today! Karaaazzzeee! I can’t believe the things people can do on a unicycle.

I also enjoyed George Pecks “Rough Terrain Unicycling”. In a completely different way though. I wonder how long he had been Unicycling when he filmed that? I wonder if he still is at it? Anyone keep in touch with him? Glad it was included on Univese 2. It is good to be able to preserve a part of Uni history like that.

Sadly UNiVERsE 2 is not here. Dan donated the first copy of UNiVERsE 2 as a door prize/raffle at the Vancouver Island Muni Weekend. As luck would have it, my wife won it. Well, that was back in the fall and before it was in final production and now that everyone and their dog seems to have it. It would seem that the prize was not on the to ship list. As it has not arrived yet and I would guess that Dan has forgotten it. Very sad, very sad as I was hoping and planning to have a Vancouver release party. I guess the party is cancelled.
I guess we’ll need to order one from Darren instead eh?

No way mike, your copy is on its way for sure, Dan wont let you down on this one. If he does I will personally send you my copy direct. You won that door prize and deserve it 100%.

Mike Carroll


Ariadne’s copy is on the way. I only received the videos last Thursday. My first priorities were to send videos to those that pre-ordered and to the vendors. School obligations did not allow me to package and ship all the videos out at the same time. I am just now getting around to sending videos out to the riders in the video, bands that donated music, and others that helped out with production or that I otherwise owe a copy. Very few people have actually received copies of the video including all of the riders that appear in it.

Contact me @ dan@sykoproductions.com if you have any other questions.


Response to an email I sent to unicycledotcom…

[I][B]We are shipping all orders via Priority mail for quicker delivery and
have them all ready to ship tomorrow, 1/24/04!

Best regards,

Amy Drummond

Thanks for your offer.

Sorry if we acted too hastily. But it seemed like the DVD must have been out for quite a while with all the postings that people have been posting. Our apologies! We wait with anticipation.

my copy arrived today with my Magura brake and Bedford t-shirt,thanx Darren.

great job on the DVD guys.the George Peck feature makes quite the contrast…it was cool to see the phone in the uni.com commercial,i’ve made that thing ring alot :sunglasses:

Got mine on Friday, slept through it the first time but that’s another story.

Great DVD. Gets better every time.

The editing is fantastic. In Ryan’s segment the moves and music match perfectly!

I had no idea if I clicked on the sponsors I’d get an ad!

Must go explore for more…

Ours came in the yesterday’s mail. Thank-you Dan!!
You see it was a raffle/door prize which my wife had won at the Vancouver Island MUni Weekend. Dan was generous enough to donate a copy to the raffle.
The DVD is great, I especially like the original George Peck Rough Terrain Unicycling, not to mention all the wild and amazing stuff that everyone else is doing.
If you did not order a copy, I would recommend that you do. So many riders with so much awesome talent.

Looks like the UK post and customs are being slow… we havn’t got ours yet. :frowning:


George started riding around 1985 or so, and Rough Terrain Unicycling was made in 1990 or 91. Plenty of time to develop all those skills, though his day job of town Magistrate might get in the way. George approaches his unicycling mostly from a fitness perspective.

Yes, he’s still at it, now with his son Christopher also riding offroad ultimate wheels up the mountains. My wife and I went on an Alaskan cruise in August, ending in his town of Seward. We were hoping to hook up with him there, but we were unable to deviate from the cruise schedule without booking a different flight. They whisked us off the boat at sunrise, and we only got a glimpse of Seward, though I think I spotted some of the locations that were used in the video.

With Rough Terrain Unicycling included on the Universe 2 DVD, it’s a must-have for anyone interested in offroad unicycling. You can learn how, with a role model who’s not riding on the edges of buildings, and you can be entertained by several of today’s most amazing riders!

Youve got to be kidding me about ultimate wheels up in the mountains. Thats insane! If you have video please show it.

how long is the bonus footage i know universe 2 it’s self is 30 or so mins but how much in the way of bonus stuff do you get?

there’s only about 5 mins of bonus footage (for some reason it isn’t in the main feature, I don’t know why, seems kind of pointless)

That’s on top of the rough terrain unicycling, and a very user-unfriendly menu of rider bios

got my copy today!!! AWESOME STUFF!


The point of adding bonus footage was to give people that thought the video was too short, a little more to view and also to include a few shots that were cool, but dragged too much to include in the actual feature. Theres always people that complain the video is too long and those that think it is too short, so the easiest thing was to make it shorter and add bonus footage on the DVD.

Can you explain why the rider bios are user-unfriendly?