UNIversal Giraffe/Penguin/Handcycle* Project


Maybe you have better ideas?:slight_smile:

Do you ride the hand-cycle while doing a continuous rolling handstand? THAT would be impressive. I look forward to seeing someone do one-hand idling while juggling.

The photograph shows below-center footpegs. I might suggest that BC wheel plates might be better in this application. Interesting idea.
I’ve previously wondered if a hand-crank setup could be used by someone who had lost the use of one of their legs, but still wanted to ride. (I think you would have to already know how to ride, in that scenario.)
The bend in the frame might be problematic, but you never know. Sometimes you don’t know until you try.
Looks cool, dima, give it a shot! Post pictures of the build!

Simultaneous hand-cranking (.5 ratio, possibly freewheeling) and pedaling with cranks on hub. More ergonomic grip angle.

I agree, Alice, that hand-crank model fairly cries out for a freewheel hub, doesn’t it? Now that I think about it, just having a vertical handle on a BC wheel would change the whole ride, let alone the hand cranks. (I also like that the one in the photo is made from a set of shock absorber forks.)

No, I’m thinking freewheel on one of the hand-cranks. Phase adjustment on the fly, while retaining leg braking. Hand braking might be problematic here.

You are absolutely right! The handcycle is very similar to BC. BC plates are just more expensive, and this was experimental model.

Do you mean using hand and foot pedaling at the same time? I can hardly imagine this… Maybe next time

It already has a flip-flop wheel and I’m going to use it for the UNIversal

We thought that a shock absorber fork would tighten the chain, but it didn’t work right, so we turned the fork to rigid by drilling and inserting bolts through it.

Hand braking is OK as long as the handcycle has a fixed hub. I’ve learned how to ride it in two days. I can also ride a BC wheel, so riding a handcycle with a freewheel hub is just a matter of time

A BC wheel with hand cranks and a freewheel hub sounds like a fun vehicle to ride! I would like to try it!

Today’s work:

Looking good!

I’ve been making a reinforcement plate for broken Qu-ax Profi saddle and a plate for self-made long seat post while my friend drilled a stem on a lathe to grip ‘bottom bracket’ in it

The penguin incarnation is ready and tested

The penguin incarnation is ready and tested. I managed to ride it right away with ratio 1 : 2,15 (13 to 28 sprockets; 20" alike 43") - optimal in my opinion.
Displacement of the saddle back from the center is OK - I didn’t feel it when riding.
Remaining work:

  1. taking up the backlash of sprocket wheels
  2. making a chain of required length for giraffe/handcycle incarnation
  3. painting the frame

Video of the 1st test:

That’s a sweet penguin! Congratulations on this project! It looks a little bit like an idea I had to turn a trials bike into a penguin and I’m glad to see your design in action. Thanks for posting the video! It’s making me rule back in a freewheel penguin as a possibility down the road. Is the sprocket protected by the saddle during a UPD?

Very cool! I love the creativity, and can’t wait to see the “hand-cycle” mode in action.

Yesss, I love it . Elevation and speed… you’ve got them both on that penguin. It must feel like your flying up there. Great job Dimah!:smiley:

I’m sorry I didn’t get the question :thinking:
What do you mean by UPD?

upd = unplanned dismount

Thanks unibokk!

waaalrus, yes, I think it’s protected by the saddle and by cranks/pedals:)