UniTT - Unibike by Cycleworld

Anyone has more information about this ?


Can’t find anything else on the net, probably more information available by calling the company !

I’m just really surprised, I’ve nerver seen a unicycle like that, not a 36" with a frame like that !

Just wooow !


This pic has been posted previously on our forums, and from what I can remember, the consensus at the time was that this was a PhotoShopped pic, and the uni depicted does not actually exist. If it doesn’t, I sure wish it did. It looks like a blast to ride! :smiley:

Haha, I didn’t know it was already posted !

Sorry for the repetitive prank ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Late April Fool everybody !


Definitely started out as a picture of a guy riding a triathlon (or similar) bike. But the Photoshop artist must have known about 36" wheels to turn it into that! Methinks the rider is a bit off balance to the front but otherwise it looks pretty cool.

But fake.